What is RSS and how do I subscribe?

Just incase you lovely people need help subscribing to my blog, you can do so in 2 ways.

1. The simplest is to just pop your email in the subscribe field – seen at the right side of the pages.  It is the bit that says “Sign me up” as seen in the picture below. (I do nothing with this email – I don’t even look at it)

2. If you have an RSS reader installed you can simply add this RSS to that reader by clicking the big orange button to the right of the page, as shown above.

A number of ways to use RSS are as follows:

a) Mac Users

i) Safari has a built in RSS reader – this can be configured so you can read your feeds in Safari or even in Apple Mail.  Check you safari help menu for more details. (example)

ii) I find that those with a Google email account have a simple option of using google reader.

iii) If you are using Google reader, I would also recommend setting up Gruml as this is a great little way to access your feeds without going into the google reader and I find it is a more graphically pleasing piece of software.

b) Windows Users

i) Google Reader will work quite nicely for those with a Gmail account.

ii) Some people have recommended using Feed Demon for your RSS needs – there are a bunch of options out there for you – but this might be the place to start.

ii) Internet Explorer 7 has a built in RSS reader – you can check it out here

Go try a Reader

There are many options available to you to subscribe here, if you have never used RSS feeds before I recommend you give it a try.  You can use it with many different websites that you enjoy scouring on a daily basis.  Using the RSS feeder cuts out a lot of the work and will show you what you want to see without having to go browsing web pages for the things you might find interesting.


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