One Year, Living in a Motorhome

Well, I wouldn’t say we ‘celebrated’ a year in our motorhome, but we have now certainly blasted through that marker point on this journey.

The end of October 2016 marked the first, and hopefully LAST year we’ve lived in a motorhome!

We were hoping to be out of the motorhome before our second winter, but we haven’t quite made it. The Tiny House  is coming along REALLY well, but isn’t quite yet at the stage of being able to move in. There’s still quite a long list of things to do, but the end is in sight.

As for motorhome living, the pains of it are sinking in again as the nights grow longer and the temperates drop lower. Yesterday was the first frost of the year and was a reminder of how uncomfortable it can be living in a vehicle that is designed for holidays in the Sun, and built in 1984.

Sleeping is the best way to stay warm.  As the nights grew colder, we pulled out our sleeping bags, which are excellent and rated for minus 5 degrees, which is great, but the processes either side of sleeping remains slightly challenging.

Armed with just a small fan heater that simply removes the chill, doesn’t really cut it, so hot cups of tea and hot water bottles feature very highly in our routine. We have to remind ourselves that there are people in this World living in way worse conditions than ourselves though and so if anything, it allows us to feel compassion for those people.

It’s currently minus one outside, but around six degrees inside. The heater might put us up to 10 or 11 and the computer I’m typing on is freezing cold to the touch. I haven’t taken my long johns off for a couple of months, except to wash them now and again, and for showers obviously.

So, as we push through our lack of luxury, we focus on the goal insight and remember our intentions to create our off-grid, high quality beautiful small home. We remember how blessed we are to have our health, good friends, family that support us and access to clean water and organic food. It’s not long now and the excitement is welling up underneath the frosty surface. Soon we will be ‘up-sizing’ to a Tiny House, but first another purge of belongings is required.

Are you going to live in an RV?

If you’re thinking of ever living in an RV or motorhome for a long period of time, remember that it’s a test of will, relationship, and you’ll possibly have to deal with the things I mention as well as the following:-


  1. Cold
  2. Mold
  3. Rain
  4. Frozen water pipes
  5. Blocked Poo Pipes (RV not human)
  6. Cramped Spaces
  7. Damp bedding
  8. Claustrophobia
  9. No room for guests
  10. Reduced storage
  11. The need to do dishes ALL the time
  12. Blown fuses
  13. Water leaks
  14. Tarp madness (stormy nights)

I guess a lot of these things also come with home ownership. The good thing though, is all of these negatives can be turned around into positives.


  1. Less rent to pay
  2. Develop home maintenance skills
  3. Develop a love for the outdoors
  4. Self discovery
  5. Relationship growth
  6. Owning less things
  7. Acceptance
  8. Emotional Strength
  9. Perseverance
  10. Learning to appreciate the smaller things in life
  11. The opportunity to build a Tiny Home

I was going to try to make the positives list, longer than the negatives, but when all said and done, regardless of list lengths, I’m glad that this part of my life has occurred and that I will come out the other end stronger, more mature (kinda) and with a tiny house to show for it.

Who knows where this will lead, but as I have learned from the last year, anything can happen, and anything is possible.

Whilst I’m a little behind on the writings for the tiny house project, you can find out more about that over at – thanks for reading, I hope you are all doing well in whatever challenges or growth circumstances you are facing in your life. Stay strong and trust in the process of change.




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