Stop The Pipeline

A group of First Nations in British Columbia says it will do “whatever means necessary” to stop exports of crude oil from Alberta’s oilsands through their territories — including the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline. (picture from The Star)

Welcome to Take to Change! For those familiar with visiting my pages, you will notice that I have changed it slightly as I wish to focus on the amazing efforts of all the conscious individuals out there who are doing all they can to stop the expansion of Canadian Tar Sands and the building of a destructive dangerous Pipeline.  I will start to collate these amazing people in the category titled “Who is Helping”, I trust you will find a relevant group to support.

As awareness increases and more and more people feel the need to be heard, it has become apparent that stopping the northern gateway pipeline (and any oil pipeline for that matter) is possibly one of the most important human feats that must be achieved in the coming years.

It is not just a pipeline, when the people achieve their goal of stopping the expansion of Canadian Tar sands oil, it will signify not only the ceasing of a pipeline, but will prove that Humanity is ready to move in a new direction.  The global population wants to remain sustainable, we want freedom from corporate bullying and we want a clean world for ourselves and generations to come.  Fort the people to succeed in stopping this pipeline means a complete shift in the direction of humanity and also indicated that people have the power over the governments.

I want to dedicate a section of this site to the amazing achievements of all people who are involved in this mammoth task and wish them all my support.  There are so many groups doing such amazing things to raise awareness, that I wanted to try an collate them all in one place.  I am not sure I will be able to get all of these amazing activities within these pages, but I am surely going to try my best.

Stopping the pipeline is not down to one person, or one group of people, or a particular environmental group, this is down to the entire planet coming together to change the direction of Humanity.  With that said, choose how you want to contribute and lets change the world!

Thank you.


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