Inspired to Freshen up – New Look Site

I know, I know, it wasn’t that long ago since I changed my site, but I just wanted to get out of the old look into something temporary that worked on mobile devices. I diodn’t like the way the last theme operated and so just last night I stumbled across this awesome looking theme!

The picture across the top is one I took here in my home of Tofino. It was a stormy day last year and was shot from the rocks between Rosie bay and the Point on Cox Bay. It was a pretty spectacular day, which I hope translates well in the image?

The new theme, is in fact a free theme, so there are some limitations,. Upgrading to the pro version will release some of those limitations, so keep an eye open for that possibility somewhere in the near future.

Finding Time

This is the aspect of maintaining this blog I find the most difficult. My main work takes place over on and this takes up the majority of my spare time. This site is currently a hobby site, but I plan on making more of it and setting the right intentions to mould it into a worthwhile resource for inspiration, encouragement, spiritual advancement, environmental stewardship and just general content.

For those familiar with the old site, you will notice that many of the articles have been hidden. I plan on working through these articles and hatching a new way of organizing the posts into a more meaningful and common sense way.

If you have any ideas for this site, I’d love to hear them down below. In the meantime have a little poke around, there’s not too miuch to see right now, but there should be sometime soon.





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