Tiny Home Time

Tiny-House-Building-CompanySo, I believe it’s now time to make the announcement that our journey involves the manifestation of a tiny home.

When we moved into the RV three months ago, we did not have any concrete plans, yet we just knew that we needed to downsize and begin the journey. We knew we had to start saving money and using less resources, so we made the leap and moved into the Motorhome.

We were not sure if we were saving for land, a yurt, a tiny home, or what, but we just knew that we must start the ball rolling and knew that we could guide it’s direction as we went.

Birth of a Tiny Home

After a few weeks of living in the motorhome, we knew that living in an RV was not going to be a long term fit and that we needed to make our living arrangements more comfortable. We had already been considering a tiny home, but we hadn’t really given it much serious thought, as it just seemed like an unachievable and far off goal. However, by simply spending the time researching and speaking to other tiny home owners, we realised that it was closer to being within our reach than we had thought.

Researching the Tiny Home

I have spent many hours over the last 2 months researching, reading and watching videos about tiny homes. I’ve been studying pictures, floor plans, diagrams, and construction books from the library. I’ve scoured online construction stores for products and creating spreadsheets of materials and quotes.
My wife and I have been pouring over pictures and between us have been building a pinterest board for Tiny Home inspiration.

We’ve been building a picture of how our home could look and how it can be laid out.

Living in a small space such as the RV has allowed us to focus on what’s important. We have been able to fine tune our belongings and living requirements over the last few months to really narrow things down. This applies, not only to the items that we use or enjoy the most, but the way we live and what areas of our home we spend the most time in and how we operate. This has really helped us define our desires for a tiny home.

By simply diving headfirst into the research phase of a tiny house, the momentum has carried us closer and closer to the actualisation of this reality. I have money saved up from the sale of my DJ equipment and from my creation of traktortips.com and as such we have enough to start our project.

Construction Practice

As luck would have it, I was walking up the street the other day and was thinking about how I should maybe get a job in construction for a short-while, helping people build, just so I can get some experience. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see a message from a construction friend. He was asking me if I wanted to help him renovate the sides of a house and put new weatherproofing, windows, sheathing and siding on a property!!

I couldn’t believe my luck.

He even took me shopping for tools and a tool belt, advising me what I needed to build with. So now I have the beginner kit of tools and some time to practice my skills and learn from an experienced carpenter. The world works in mysterious and amazing ways!

Lucky with Land

For those following my blog, you will know that we moved the RV to a new location, near the end of December. The new location was a much larger space and provided an ideal spot next to the RV in which to build a tiny home. Things were slowly working out.

We had a ‘get-together’ with the landlords, one of which happens to be a home designer (they are friends of ours too, which helps). I showed them my crappy drawings, floor plans and sketches and proposed our build schedule. As it turns out, the plans are decent and the possibility of the build is close to confirmation. We’re just waiting for any rules and stipulations that may be imposed upon us in relation to a timely build. We want to make sure we don’t upset the landlords in anyway.

Tiny House Trailer

trailer image
Example of a purpose built trailer

I’ve been in talks with a few people about a tiny house trailer. As the tiny house movement has been building so rapidly, the trailer market has began developing tiny house specific trailers. They are actually only around $150 more than the standard car haul trailer. There are mixed views on this, but after much consideration, we have decided to buy a new tiny house specific trailer.

Why a new tiny house specific trailer:

  • A new trailer will last longer
  • The trailer is rated to 14,00lbs instead of 10,000lbs.
  • The wheel arches on a tiny house trailer are squared instead of curved, allowing an easy build and better fit.
  • The sides of the house will sit flush to the trailer and offer more support and peace of mind.
  • The trailer frame becomes the subfloor, which allows a further 6″ of space inside the home. This may not sound much, but every inch counts in the tiny house world.

So with our decision made, we await confirmation from our landlords that we may order the trailer and go ahead with the build. The wait time for a trailer is 3 to 4 weeks and the order goes in on Tuesday. We truly hope that our landlords will come through and allow us to order the trailer. If they do, we should be in receipt of a trailer by the end of February.

Excited & Nervous

As we fast approach the time of ordering our trailer, the reality of this situation is hitting us square in the face. It is such an exciting feeling, embarking on a journey to build your own dwelling. The nerves sure do kick in though.
With very limited knowledge of building, I am concerned about getting things wrong. The more you research, the more you see conflicting advice and different ways of doing things.

It can be difficult to plump for one person’s way of doing things, especially when most people out there building tiny homes don’t know what they’re doing either.
The places that do know what they’re doing, are the companies that build homes to sell and therefore are not as willing to offer you their advice for free. Perhaps I am able to pay a consultant from a local tiny house building company to lay it all out for me and explain how they do it?

As for plans, I have been directed to a guy who creates tiny house plans and material lists for $300. I feel that once I have the trailer specs, I will submit my plans to him for consideration and get these plans and the materials list. I feel that having a plan will make it a little easier.

So stay tuned for the next instalment and wish me luck.


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