Learning to Appreciate the Smaller Things in Life

When we made our decision to downsize and begin our journey towards a tiny home, we knew we were in for some challenges and surprises along the way.

It’s now been two months and one week living in an RV. We’re not breaking any world records here, but I certainy have smashed my ‘personal best’. The longest I’ve stayed in a caravan, I think is about two weeks, when I used to go on vacation to Wales with my folks as a kid.

The last time I wrote was shortly after my challenging RV move. Since then, you’ll be glad to hear that the hero from the side of the road has since visited us and we have finally moved the motorhome into it’s alloted spot.

It turns out that my issue was simply a gas problem!?

The embarassing side of the story is that it ran out of gas. The less embarrassing side, is that there’s a fuel pump reset switch that had tripped, causing the vehicle to not start. This caused us to believe it was not a gas issue at first.

After realising that the rear tank and front tank (yes there’s two of them) we’re wired incorrectly and a few google searches later, the MoHo was purring like a happy cat.

Don’t expect the story to end there however.


We’ve had a run of very low temperatures, which caused our water supply to freeze for a week. Don’t worry, the trailer plumbing is fine, it was just the mains water piping that froze. Unfortunately the piping rose above ground at a spot in the lot that I was not aware of.

We managed to scrape through with what we had in the tank, but the lower temperatures encouraged us to buy a better space heater. We chose one that could be switched between 1500 watts and 900 watts, so that we could save energy when necessary. It was a cold spell but we got through just fine.

Oh Shit!

Unfortunately the sewage dump station has not yet been brought back to life at our new location and after a converstaion with the land owners, we are at the mercy of BC Hydro. So we’ll just have to wait.

Armed with two 5 gallon buckets, my favourite job of all just occured. That’s right, you’ve guessed it.

We need to make some room in our black water tank, so I’ve filled one bucket, but realised that alot of the content isn’t budging. To use the most pleasant language possible, the least viscose content prefferred to remain in it’s cosy home. This required the use of a stick to stir and chop the contents from above.

It seems that I might need to leave some of it to ‘brew’ in order for it to properly release, but there’s currently enough room to use the facilities. I’ll save the other bucket for another day.

Appreciate the Smaller things

So as the title suggests, when you’re heading to the washroom and it simply works, or you turn on the tap and it simply flows, remember my story and be grateful for those things we often take for granted.

My journey is defintely allowing me to appreciate the smaller things and affords me some perspective on those that live in harsher conditions than oursleves.

Sending love to those living in hard times around the world. Happy New Year!


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