December 5th – Foodie

This weeks radio show was centred around food.

As I write this, the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition are presenting their findings at the 21st Conference of Parties (#COP21) in Paris on the connection between nutrition and climate change.

Their event is scheduled to discuss successful strategies to promote sustainable food systems and healthy dietary patterns, amongst other things.

What this actually looks like is yet to be seen, however, it coincides nicely with my radio show; in which I talk to two amazing women who are involved in the pleasures of growing and providing organic local produce to the Tofino Community and surrounding areas.

Their work in this field is contributing to positive change and this is why I chose to speak with them this week.

Featured Interviews

Cindy Hutchinson – Joins me live in the studio to talk about the Tofino Community Food Initiative and fills us in on some upcoming winter workshops and events to get you growing your own food.

Morgan Callison – In this pre-recorded interview, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a worker owned co-operative model in the Tofino based Cafe ‘Earth Mama Love’ and the delights of organic food and the dissolution of take out containers.

Upcoming Show Changes

I have been contacted by Head of Programming at the station and it has been requested that if I am to stay at this time slot (Saturday nights between 8pm and 11pm) then I will need to reduce my interviews and return to a more music focused show.

With this in mind please expect less interviews in the next show. Let me know if you have any thoughts on that and if you would like me to continue with interviews perhaps in a different time slot?


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