Entering a time of Communication

I have been quietly studying the art of astrology for possibly about one year. I am in no way an accomplished astrologer, but I have developed an understanding of the amazingly deep and wide subject.

As I write this, I am sat under a clear and bright full moon in Gemini which has compelled me to come inside and write.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which lends itself to the archetype of, the teacher, the writer and the journalist. The sharer of information.

It is no wonder then, that recently I have been very much attuned to the need to communicate with those around me.

Just last Saturday I changed the format of my local FM radio show to incorporate interviews with amazing people in the community that are doing things towards positive change, in relation to the environment and social justice.

In stepping up to this calling, I have developed a deeper understanding that when we, as a people, talk to one another, amazing things can happen; growth occurs at a quicker rate and our understanding of one another deepens.

When I say growth, I don’t mean it in an ‘economic’ way as they keep spouting in the mainstream media. I mean it in a personal growth and an interpersonal growth way, where our very coming together enriches our experience of the world and allows us to create powerful connections to one another and ourselves.

To dip back into astrology here for a second, the symbolism of the Sun moving into the sign of Sagittarius might activate our desire for truth and emphasize the importance of natural law, or the search for a different perspective.
By bringing the power of our collective soul’s desire for deep and meaningful communication (highlighted by this full moon), together with our collective ego’s search for universal truth (highlighted by the Sun), we might be able to manifest our devine path, in accordance with natural law and in harmony with nature, into the light and into reality.

My level of communication has infact deepened since deactivating my facebook account. The irony is, that this “social networking” tool may be achieving the opposite of what it is intended to do, at least for me on some level.
Instead of me ‘shouting’ into an echo-chamber of text on a screen, I am deepening my connection with those around me. I am now seeing the value of aural communication versus the two dimensional format of text on a screen. True conversation has been so rewarding already that I am feeling more connected to my community than I ever did through social media. I am forced to find someones number and call them, building better and more meaningful relationships.

My personal evolution is most definitely linked to communication due to my north node being in the third house. The fact that this is also in Virgo, to me, means that I must be very particular about my communications and to strive for perfection in that are of life.

For those of you interested, here’s the first radio show following my revelation for a deeper connection to those around me.
Recorded live in Tofino, BC on November 22nd 2015.

(If anyone knows the artist who created the image I have used in the post, please let me know, I would love to credit her)

The morning following the full moon is captured here below:


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