RV Living – Crunch Time!

There’s now only two full days remaining until we move into the Motorhome!

The reality of the decision to live in an RV is now really kicking in hard. I feel a lot different now than I did when we made the decision.

The feelings are now more in the panic stage than the excitement stage. I have a pile of belongings still sprawled out in front of me, and behind me, and to the left of me….. yes that’s right, there’s stuff everywhere!

How did I amass all these belongings? Our one bedroom ground floor suite really isn’t that big, but we somehow managed to fill every little nook and cranny with something.

Having been a DJ for many years, I keep finding wires. Wires that I have no room for and since I sold most of my DJ gear; no use for either. Why is it so difficult to make a decision about this stereo RCA to 1/4″ jack cable? It’s a really nice cable! It was expensive when I bought it! It’s hardly had any use! One day I will need this cable!

All the excuses under the Sun.

I am not keen on simply throwing a perfectly good cable away either, so then I must revert to calling all my DJ friends to ask them if they want to “borrow it”, long term. Should I just add it to a storage box and pop it all in a friends garage!? Should I try and sell it?

The dilemmas continue.

RV Living - Downsizing

Did the RV shrink?

There’s no way I’m getting rid of my guitar, I play it often and it was a 21st birthday present from my mother. Its an extension of myself and it MUST come with me. When I bought the RV the answer was simple, the guitar can live in the passenger seat! Trouble is, the passenger seat has other things in it already, perhaps the guitar can live in the bed when I’m not in it and in a seat when I am in bed?

There’s gotta be a way!?

Ok, so maybe I’m painting this picture using slightly more gloomy colours than necessary. It really isn’t all that bad.

Some friends came over today and relieved us of some belongings. We are gifting almost everything, as we see it as a movement of energy. By simply giving things away, we can release attachment and pass on the good will to others, hoping that it frees us up to truly let go and start fresh. If people see a certain level of value in the items, then they have the freedom to offer us something in return, but we have learnt to completely let go.

A printer that I previously wanted to get $60 for, is now available for free – just take the damn thing, it’s a gift. It has gotten to that time where I would rather see someone benefit from our stuff, than to see it go to the dump.

Biggest Lesson

We constantly see minimalist blogs and people talking about simplifying and reducing their belongings, they make it sound so simple. Surely it would be way simpler to just leave everything where it is!?

Of course, we always want the easy way out, the lazy option always appeals more to me than actually having to do something, but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I feel that once I’ve finally got rid of all this ‘crap’ that I will feel lighter, more free and hope that I haven’t thrown something out that I really need.

As I shake my head at the mountains of stuff around me, I sigh at the knowledge that in less than 72 hours I won’t own any of it.

Reducing our belongings to the bare minimum is the process, yet the goal is to realise how it’s possible to live with very little. It’s time to stop taking other people’s word for it, and to jump in with both feet.

We’ve got to find out for ourselves and see if these minimalists and RV living folk are all talking nonsense or not. The time has come, it’s crunch time. In fact, how the hell did I make time to write this blog post…. I need to cram a house into an RV, who am I kidding, I gotta go.

See you on the flipside, my next rambling will be typed from inside the motorhome, wish me luck.


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