Liberation from the Harper Dictatorship

What a landslide victory!

For those outside of Canada, we’ve had a government change over here! Last night saw the Liberal party smash past the Conservatives to take a majority government. I think the country is now very excited for change and I’m looking forward to observing these changes.

Unfortunately though, I’m going to have to do some research on our new Prime Minister’s policies. The reason being, my focus was on getting King Stevie out of power, rather than getting someone else, in!

So now the country has clearly voted strategically, we are led by a government that has promised to change the system to that of ‘proportional representation’, meaning that if 30% of the voters vote for Green, then parliament will contain 30% green seats.

This kind of change is exactly what politics needs, as it will reduce the need for strategic voting and allow us to truly be represented in parliament.

After watching the election night unfold and the speech from the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, I do seem to feel that Trudeau is in this for the people and the country and not so much for himself. We will just have to wait and see if that remains the case.

If he switches the political rules to incorporate proportional representation then in four years time he may no longer be the Prime Minister, but will at least have set the system up for a fair and just election process that truly represents the people.

Now we’ve all voted, it’s time to keep the pressure on. Let’s push Trudeau to keep his promises and keep on eye on him, let’s make sure he represents the interests of the people and not so much the large corporations, this could be the change we have all been waiting for.


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