Moving into a Motorhome

That’s a headline I never thought I’d be typing!

How is it that I am soon to be moving into a motorhome? Well, it all started with the need to become more self sufficient and the need to purge our belongings. Moving into a motorhome seems to be the first major step along this life path.

The inspiration for this move to a motorhome was initially born from our dream of owning our own home or patch of land. Now I don’t want to use the words ‘tiny-home’, because we don’t necessarily want to live in a tiny space, yet we understand that to live comfortably we don’t need a huge house. Less is definitely more in this day and age and when I see new homes being built that take up a massive chunk of land, with no space for vegetables, yet the entire plot dedicated to a massive house, it really makes me cringe at how much of a waste of resources and poor planning has gone into that build.

I want to create a living space that works in harmony with it’s surroundings and adopts a more ‘permaculture’ approach in the way it is situated and utilised.

After a lot of research and watching various youtube channels on the subject, I became inspired by the plan to reduce rent to a minimum. By reducing rent to a minimum, you allow yourself the opportunity to save more money.

Aside from perhaps living with parents (not cool at 36), the best way for us to reduce rent was to live in a motorhome or trailer. One night, I decided to look on craigslist and I saw a cool 1984 Coachmen and it just so happened to be in my town and owned by a friend. I thought it was meant to be, so after a few visits, test drives and conversations, it is now ours.

The MotorHome (aka. MoHo)
The MotorHome (aka. MoHo)

Things are starting to become more real now.

We now have the MoHo on our driveway and are preparing for the move into it. As the time draws closer, the reality of the situation begins to sink in.

It’s coming up to winter here and we are apprehensive about the temperature. We do have have a propane heater (I long for a more sustainable option) and an electric heater, but there is still that fear of being cold and damp. I guess the saving grace is that due to it being such a small space, it will be easy to heat.

Adapting to ‘Moho’ living will certainly be a challenge. However, we really don’t take up too much space, even in our current home. What actually takes up the space, is our belongings. This is where the first major challenge arises.

Getting Rid of Stuff

Despite the fact that we don’t own much, it’s still surprising to find out how much we do own when you’re trying to cram it all into a 24′ long Motorhome. There are items we take for granted, things we don’t even notice that are a part of our lives, such as this 27″ iMac that I am currently typing on. It’s just there. But now it can’t be, it needs to go. It’s not an issue though, because we also own a 13″ macbook air which will now become our main and only computer.

Books – We hang onto books that we’ve read, store books we want to read and gather books that people give us that we’ll never read. Time to drop it down to a small selection, maybe one, two or three?

Kitchen – How many cups is a good amount?

Clothing – We need to downsize our shoe and jacket collection, but it’s going to be cold, so it’s all about balancing the ratio between warmth and size.

Bathroom – This is easy for me, I haven’t used shampoo for almost a year now, it was something I started as an experiment and realised that shampoo is simply an unnecessary marketing ploy for us to buy things we don’t need.

Pimpin’ up the Moho

Despite the motorhome being in pretty good condition, I’m glad we have given ourselves a month to prepare, as there are a few things that we need / want to change.

  • The first observation was a leak in the bedroom.
  • There was no water heater, which was going to be necessary if we were wanting a warm shower at ‘home’ throughout the winter.
  • The shower attachment had snapped off, so new taps needed to be fitted.

After a little research in sealant, plumbing, gas fitting and a crash course via youtube and RV forums, all the above have now been fixed, by yours truly. Skills I didn’t have two weeks ago.

We do still want to beautify the interior, and so we’ve ordered some eco friendly paint to freshen it up. We also want to re-upholster the original 80’s cushions, to breathe a little more life into this tired interior. I’ll update you on this process as it unfolds.

Maintaining the Vision

It can be hard to make decisions along the way, especially the initial decision of buying and moving into a motorhome. But the way we have done this so far, is to realise our ‘dream’ and to feel into what that feels like.

Our ‘dream’, or my preferred term, ‘future reality’, consists of an off grid home, built around the principles of permaculture, amongst a community of like minded friends, on a landshare or some similar arrangement. I would also like this project to educate other external groups wishing to learn the same principles.

In order to reach this future reality, our decisions are to be made by aligning our vibration with that which is felt when we envision ourselves in our future reality. When a decision arises, we need need to feel into the vibration of each path and we therefore take the path that is closer to that of our future reality. It’s actually an easy way to make decisions. It removes the ego and over-thinking and simply uses our internal guidance system of heart-centred calling.

I also decided to drop the use of the word ‘Dream’, when referring to out future reality, based on the idea that if you refer to it as a dream, that is what it will remain, simply a dream. However, if we attach a different vibration to it and make it become our future reality, it changes it up a little. Even better than future reality, might simply be to call it ‘our reality’. We can certainly see our reality taking shape, it requires faith, courage, acceptance and surrender, which is sometimes hard, especially when dealing with the unknown, but we can no longer sit around repeating the same patterns and expecting different results.

So here we go…it’s time to manifest our reality!


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