It’s a Powerful time for Change

I’m not sure if it’s because of this venus retrograde, but many people are feeling the urge to purge, myself included.

Tomorrow, August 14th 2015 is the peak of the Venus retrograde, mainly due to the fact that Venus is conjunct the Sun on a new Moon. For those not into astrology, the new Moon is a time of setting new intentions, its the beginning of a cycle and a time to make way for the next cycle of regeneration. It’s the planting of seeds that you want to work with, culminating at the next full Moon.

So as Kaypacha so excellently explains in the video below, with venus retrograding and visiting the underworld, it’s a strong time to re-evaluate the things that you value.

It’s a time of re-birthing a new you. Asking yourself what’s important to you, re-ordering your priorities and setting yourself up for the new fresh you that is emerging.

I have recently set myself on a path of purging, so this really does resonate with me at this time.

I have been selling off a lot of my DJ equipment, closing down an online site that I have spent 5 years working on, I’m on a sugar detox and now I am adding alcohol to that short list. It’s time to place health at the top of my list of priorities.

The purging isn’t just related to health cleanses and reducing physical possessions, but it is also for me a digital purge.

I have made my Facebook profile less public, reducing what people can see. I am also wishing to reduce the amount of times I post things there. I am asking myself, “What is the fascination we all have with sharing things on social media? In what way is this serving me and others?”

I have taken breaks from social media before and it cleared a lot of space. I know, it can be an extremely useful resource to connect people and learn information, but this ‘yo-yo’ effect that facebook has on many of us, seems to have some destructive qualities.

It’s all about maintaining balance.

This purging for me, is not just about giving things up for a short amount of time, it is setting the intention for the year to come. I feel big changes occuring in the way people live and how we operate in the world, and the imporatnce of permaculture is beginning to sink into my bones.

I plan to write about this journey into permaculture here on this site in an attempt to pass on my experiences and hopefully realise how we can all create the world in which we were born to thrive.

Enjoy the purging, clearing, stripping, reorganizing and rebirthing of your priorities and your Self.

It truly is a time to ‘Take to Change’.


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