An Overwhelming Desire to Shift Global Consciousness

photo credit: newDoyle
photo credit: newDoyle

It’s been a while since I wrote on “Take to Change”, I’ve been engaged in other activities over on and also on Not to mention actual work at the bike store here in Tofino, BC.  Which has also caused me to create a group for local mountain bike enthusiast, with the intention of bringing mountain bike trails to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Also I’ve been learning how to grow vegetables, and a little astrology on the side too.

So as you can see it’s been a little hard to devote any more time into this little blog of mine.

However, when I look over the last few months, my perspective on the world has changed a little. I have always been a keen promotor of living sustainably and it was this way of life that drew me in the first place, to create this blog, but I have been dealing with different forces that have been pulling me in opposing directions. It’s not easy to decipher which direction feels right. At any given moment, all directions have their pull and probably at the right time too.

Each ‘thing’ we devote our time to has it’s necessary purpose in your life at that time, but accepting when it’s time to change direction, or alter one’s perspective, can be a difficult transition. Part of us wants to hold onto, another part wants to run away from and the final part has no clue. This is when we need to sit tight and stop moving forward.

We need to allow ourselves the time to process, to absorb, or to discover what the next step is.

I have previously been involved in helping the Dogwood Initiative in protecting the West Coast of Canada (and the world) from pipelines and tanker traffic. For whatever reason, it was running me into the ground, so I decided to halt that work, only later to discover Bill-C24, which seriously threatens my ability to remain in Canada as a citizen due to the potential way in which I could be labelled unfavourably by the Government for siding with Dogwood due to the potential for causing a ‘loss of profit’ to international business in Canada. Obviously this includes the pipelines.

But the environment is so important to me, so where to turn?

Running parallel to this, was my devotion to teaching others about DJ software on However, due to the nature of the industry with their incessant marketing of plastic / digital equipment, I felt I no longer wanted to contribute to that resource heavy industry either. This caused me to create, allowing me to come from a more neutral place, less aligned with the manufacturing of electronics and more with empowering others to empower themselves. This proved beneficial for a short time, until I experienced a real lack of fulfillment in DJ’ing and teaching. (I am working a little more now with higher vibrational music which is reigniting my passion).

So whereto now?

I stopped. I then began paying most of my attention to the physical world, where I started to grow vegetables, build greenhouses and work in a physical manner on bicycle repairs. The physical and psychological changes I experienced were almost instant. As a Taurus, I am supposed to move towards the Earth and be as grounded as I can.

Coming back into my body and connecting with the Earth more has allowed me once again to see the importance of staying grounded. This once again allowed me to understand the importance of our physical bodies and also how much intelligence is contained inside the smallest of living things. The way the eco-system is so intricately connected to everything, has opened up another channel of knowing that seems to have re-integrated into my being.

During a ‘story telling’ episode from myself, a friend of mine handed me a book by John E. Mack, ‘Passport to the Cosmos’ and I was instantly drawn to it. After reading the first chapter, I was pulled to chapter 5: Protecting the Earth. Reading through it, I was ‘re-awoken’ to the importance of our planetary and universal ecology, realizing that the picture is even bigger than I thought.

Combining what I have been studying in the garden, with astrology and with inter-dimensional beings in John E. Mack’s book, I have no doubt that the biggest most important challenge of our time is stewardship of this planet. I know that I must, in whatever way possible, communicate the importance of maintaining balance on this planet with regards the ecology of our finite and fragile eco-systems.

In no uncertain terms, we, as a species, have been ‘communicated to’ in this same vain, but the patriarchal western world view of limited belief systems, fear and control has suppressed certain information, keeping us in a state of lockdown. Not necessarily through deliberate construct, we have been held down into 3rd dimensional vibration, causing us to remain blinkered in regards to the limitless possibilities available to us to expand our human consciousness into higher realms, where true change can occur. There is a lot of “unknown” in our solar system, but we are unable to transcend this ‘unknowing’ by labelling it as such and using the tools available to us in the 3rd dimension. We must discover that we are energetic beings with infinite potential and instead of using the methodologies available to us in the lower vibrational realms, we must start accessing the higher levels of consciousness if we are going to see any real ‘progress’.

We have to drop limiting beliefs and using broken systems. We must stop being controlled by fear and oppression (such as bill c-24 and c-51) and accelerate towards a higher vibrational consciousness, where so much more can be achieved. It’s time to tap into accepting our duty on this planet as a steward for peace and beauty and to understand how we can create heaven on Earth.

If we open our minds to the experiences of those in John E Mack’s book, we might accept that our planet is a “womb planet” (one of 25) where we are simply the beginning of life, the testing ground for consciousness and merely the first step along the cosmic journey. So are we going to let a select few; corrupt and pollute this lucky rock in space, or are we going to make the cosmic order proud of us that we were able to steer this planet in the right direction and give ourselves the opportunity to graduate?

The time is now folks, we must realize that our job on this planet is not to milk it dry of all it’s beautiful life, leaving it like Mars, but to help it thrive, to create a paradise where all living things can prosper from the abundance that has been created here. It’s time to stand up for our planet, to offer compassion to those that need it and to forgive any wrong doings of those in power. We must accept that mistakes have been made, yet they have only occurred to teach us the final valuable lesson:

We have a choice, we can either stay blind to the true reasons we are here on Earth and watch it crumble before us, or we can realize that the current system of being born, being oppressed, being taught old structures and getting a job to earn money so we can live in a material world, is no longer the necessary path. We can create a better world where we use the technological developments for good, where we can all provide ourselves with nourishment from our very back yards. We can re-populate our streams and feed ourselves by simply putting our attention back into those places. Organic food, living off the land and creating sustainable systems of community where we all look after one another.

What world do you want?


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