Change is Coming

From the outside looking in, it appears to be crumbling. So many things just don’t make sense, it’s been this way for many years now. We’ve been sat on this rock hurtling though space, dancing alongside other planets, swirling alongside other galaxies, detached from the Devine and focused on the self gratifying urge to ‘run shit’. Well, this age is coming to an end. We don’t run things at all and the path to humble understandings is slowly taking shape.

It may, on first glance, look like those at the perceived helm are intent on destruction of all that sustains us, for material gain, tricked by the devil that promises to gold coat their ego and place it on the highest mountain to survey all that they rein over. Bribery and corruption course through the veins of those ‘at the top’ because a patriarchy has appointed themselves as God for the last millennia, promising riches and power to those that can stoop low enough to dominate over an enslaved population, offering the same to anyone who decides to believe their show.

These false ideologies gained momentum whilst a deceptive and controlling power knew no better than to swipe at anyone who challenged it. But now the challenges are too many and there are cracks in the armour. The need for separatism is slowly dwindling and many of us now realize that we are but one mass organism trying to live in harmony.

There is no ‘us and them’, despite the oft acts of another that would seem so far from something we would do, that we simply have no option but to place them in the category of, ‘the other’.

By stepping back we can now realize that the actions of ‘the other’ is simply a reflection of our banished self. Our darkness that we can not face, is suppressed and manifests as another.

We must face our demons, bring them into the light so that they can be acknowledged. By sending Love to our banished selves we will allow for a deep healing to take place.

The planet is being subjected to indescribable energies, exerted on us from our collective consciousness, a realm that can be explored through meditation, yet one that has not been thoroughly examined by science, or proven by religion. The slowly disappearing paradigm of Patriarchy tried to deny it’s presence, extinguishing the feminine with fear and flame. A population, suppressed by a controlling regime that ruled by fear and corruption, is now awakening and taking back it’s power.

We see this manifest in peaceful protests, the emergence of sustainable energies, the ignoring of countless attempts by corporations to take our money for pointless material goods. The challenges to the changing of laws designed to favour greed over health and to benefit the few over the many.

Often we can be dismayed by the outrageous acts that populate our controlling media. It can seem as if there is no way out and that the evil forces will continue to get away with murder for profit. Yet this age is coming to a close. The light is slowly permeating the cracks and by looking deep into our own faults and flaws we can expose this cancerous way of life.

The shift has been happening, it’s unstoppable and it benefits us ALL. The evolution of humanity is upon us. We can move from the lower vibrations of selfishness, deceit, lack and mistrust and towards the all encompassing vibration of truth, LOVE and Light. We need not shield ourselves from the truth but move towards it, embrace all of life, rise up from the ashes of the outdated, fallen patriarchy and into the arms of mother Earth. She is here for us and we must trust her message, for she has sustained life thus far, and can continue to, long into the future.

The planets are telling the same story. The tipping point is here and we are expected to witness extreme changes in the coming weeks and months. It’s time to go deep, to mediate for the answers and to use this wisdom to collectively pull humanity through this time of great transition.

Capitalism is failing every single one of us, to some it may seem rosy, but the temporary protection from the truth will only last so long. It’s a time to work together for the health and happiness of all. We need not build walls around our riches, but remove our boundaries and work together to create a planet of peace and harmony where we can all live a rich life; rich in experience, rich in community, rich with joy.

It’s time to step into our truths. Judgement day is not in a far off land at the point of death, it’s in every moment we are alive. Each second that passes we must stand in our truth, align with our values and live a life that radiates joy.

Stay strong though the challenging times, light awaits you on the other side, your job is far from over, but the universe will provide everything you need for success.


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