Municipal Election November 15th

#TofinoVotesIt’s that time again where people argue over whether or not voting is a waste of time or not?

Whilst many argue that it is merely a distraction, something I have been aligned with somewhat in the past, I would be willing to express that voting at municipal level is the best way to make change.

Voting is just the beginning however. By simply voting you have marked down a choice between people, but you havent really become “engaged” in the process. By marking down a tick or two on a sheet of paper every four years does not make you politically involved. You need to really get stuck in, talk to your councillors, make yourself heard and tell them what you want to see happen in your town.

Head to the various meetings, speak to the mayor, email your councillors and generally get involved. There is nothing stopping you, other than sheer laziness. The true distraction is facebook, not voting.

Whilst the very core of democracy is in fact broken, or even perhaps corrupt, it won’t change by disconnecting entirely from the process. The changes need to come from inside. It’s not going to be easy, but some MP’s are beginning to stand up for truth. It’s time to stand up for truth and to recognise the damage that the current system has caused.

Get involved – go out to the polls on November 15th and keep pushing your elected councillors to represent you.

November 13th Voting Party
November 13th Voting Party

If you need more information you can attend a voting party at Common Loaf Bakery on Thursday November 15th at 5,30. The premises are licensed, DJ’s will be playing and the candidates will be in attendance.

More info here.

So get involved, meet your candidates in a less stale environment than the community hall and become involved in the direction of your town!



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