Fossil Fuels Divestment in Canada

A few months back I became aware of an amazing movement in the State of Washington, called the Divestment movement. More details can be found under the hashtag #Divestment on Twitter.

The premise is for governmental agencies to stop investing in anything related to fossil fuels and there was some really awesome actions taking place.

Well now I am pleased to discover that the same kind of movement is coming to Canada.

The Fossil Free Canada Convergence will bring together hundreds of students from campuses across the country to take the fossil fuel divestment movement in Canada to the next level. Although there are already nearly thirty active campus-based divestment campaigns in Canada, never before have these groups gathered together in the same place. This will be an opportunity to galvanize the divestment movement by providing training and resources to both active organizers and those wishing to launch new campaigns.

The movement will be converging in Montreal, Canada on from November 7th – 9th 2014 and they are looking for speakers, panelists and workshop facilitators.

For more info head to


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