Certain Words Need to be Said in Song

I echo the sentiment in this song.

There are so many people in BC and Canada, hell, even all over the world, that are politely asking certain leaders to do the right thing.

If one is connected to truth and understanding, then the ‘right thing‘ is extremely obvious to see and the ‘right path’ is equally as easy to tread.

I know so many beautiful people that are taking the right path.

So many people that are courageously making a stand for people other than themselves. There is no possible selfish intention from ANY human being that is outspoken on destroying the pipe-dreams of the powerful.

Every person I have met who feels strongly against the pipelines, is an intelligent, kind, generous, caring, connected, compassionate, holistic, selfless person. I haven’t yet met someone who wants to build pipelines, so I can’t write you a description of them!

I have however, met ‘abstainers‘.

These are people that are too scared to pick a side. Too scared to be themselves. Concerned about a negative outcome!

“But aren’t political activists being negative too? All this doom and gloom?”

No, far from it!

Those who truly care; care about others; care about the planet; care about the animals; care about the future: THEY are the ones that remain positive!

They can see a brighter future, they are focused on the right path. They can see ‘Heaven on on Earth‘.

They understand what’s possible! They shine light into the darkness!

So take your light and shine it, shine it brightly onto anything that contains darkness, ‘cos you too can BE the difference!


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