People Power will Stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline

The decision is here, the Prime Minister of Canada has decided to ‘approve’ a dirty pipeline to be inserted through pristine lands to feed dirty sludge to the coast of British Columbia, Canada from the ever-growing toxic wastelands of the tar-sands.

tar sands - no pipeline

Surely the picture above is as close to a living hell that we can get. It appears that the devil has made his decision to increase the size of hell and attempt to take the rest of life with it.

The saving grace in all of this, is that my email inbox is full of emails from concerned groups intent on stopping these destructive plans.

It’s time to Stand United

The links above are only just a handful of what’s happening and there are countless organisations jumping all over this. With all this attention and powerful desires to stop this pipeline and turn governments on to a more sustainable energy future, I have great hope that amazing things can be achieved.

Obama recently called for a larger area of protection in the Pacific Ocean, so we know some things are heading in the right direction. We just need to convince those mis-guided ‘leaders’ amongst us.

So if there’s one thing you do today it would be add your name to this list and start talking to others about the biggest bad decision of our generations time.

Thank you.


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