Birthing the New World

The shift is happening now. The tipping point is here. Society is waking up and a new world is emerging. More and more people are understanding the need for a new paradigm, a need for a clearer and more positive outlook.

Have you noticed how more people around you now talk more openly of yoga, or meditation. How there are more vegetarians, or vegans? How people are more in tune with health and with the Earth?
Are you seeing more positive steps towards a cleaner energy future, with breakthroughs in science and sustainability. Advancements in solar and wind and even the chase for free energy?

Are your relationships with all people around you becoming more fulfilling and real. Have you noticed a rise in people talking about Love and an ability to truly connect with a stranger in the street?

Have you felt a higher level of compassion arise in you during recent months or even years?

If so, then you are truly aligned with the shift and you are a part of this.


connect with our universeI have never been big on astrology and as such have often treated this realm as the unknown and somewhat detached from ‘real life’ on Earth. Often we gaze at the stars through the street lights and the mystery is hidden from us, our daily lives cause us to look downwards at our phone or our computer, or we are forced into a false depression that causes us to hang our head.

It is only when we look up that we can observe the immense nature of our solar system and worlds beyond our own.

We tend to dismiss our planetary system as just something that happens, but we forget that it is the very reason we exist. It is the conditions that we require for our life. It dictates EVERYTHING about our existence.

Isn’t it obvious then, that signs and information can be gleamed from these mysterious movements and forces?

Importance of Earth

As a Taurus and with a birthday just around the corner, I am known to be the Earthy one, the grounded one, the rock. The steadfast, stubborn bull, strong and dependable.

For years I have had my feet on the ground, yet with my head sometimes in the clouds. Told that I ‘live in a dreamworld‘, I took that to mean, ‘stop dreaming‘, but really; it was a compliment.

As I begin to welcome my dreams, I understand that we can manifest our dreams, so long as we stay grounded. The recent publication from the pages of Mystic Mamma talks about the new moon in Taurus and how it is the job of Taurus to connect us all to Earth.

Strangely enough, I have always had a passion for the Earth and as many of you know I have been very vocal about protecting our Earth. As I begin to connect more deeply with the global shift to light, I can now see the importance of my work, yet can understand the delicate nature of how I am conducting my business.

One passage from Mystic Mamma resonated with me so highly that I wanted to share this with you.

“Taurus’ lesson is to teach us how to be good stewards of the Earth and her bounty…What is being birthed within the matrix of the comic cross is the evolutionary need for humanity to once again reclaim our place in Earth’s ecology and discover our purpose, to live in harmony with each other and with all of nature and to learn from its wisdom…”

“Taurus also gives us the gift of self-worth and the responsibility to have strong values. What do you value? And what values do you hold sacred? If we are to build (a Taurus activity) something new, we have to build it on values that are strong and secure.

This leads me perfectly into a TED talk from 2009 from a lady called Janine Benyus. She reminds us of how nature has adapted to live in harmony with it’s surroundings. We are the only species to forget the importance of this and as such we have stepped out of sync with mother nature and instead seem intent on destroying our home.

Move Forward with Love and Connectedness

A number of different factors have led me to write this today, all of them born deep inside and not from my mind.

There is a deeper knowledge that we all can access, one that threaded amongst all living beings. Simply parting the clouds of ego and separatism allows us to access this information.

We all know what we need to do, but there are voices that stop us. There’s a strong part of our consciousness that likes to drag us into drama and battle.

There’s an energy that we have inherited from past traumas and wrong doings that has built a wall of separatism around ourselves, our peers and even our countries. These walls are reinforced by the outdated beliefs of our current ‘World Leaders’.

If we begin to lead from our own hearts then we are able to knock down these walls and will create a World of peace and harmony.

As we begin to expand our consciousness to encompass all life, we begin to identify with our surroundings and each other, and our true purpose of creating heaven on Earth will manifest.

So now, let’s see what is right in the world and embody that light, the Universe is on our side, simply align with it.


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