Earth Day 2014 – You are the Earth

Nature Earth DayMeditation teaches us more than any book can. We are intelligent beings torn between spirit and ego. Our lives are spent finding balance between the two. Meditation, is where spirit and ego meet, it is where they learn to get a long. As we develop this relationship we are able to see the connection between our internal and external worlds and how they are intertwined so delicately and inseparably.

As consciousness expands you begin to realise that you are everything and everything is you. We are all one living organism of consciousness and all we do, think, say and feel, effects the whole.

Humanity is slowly evolving from the confines of mind and ego and during this process has undergone many traumatic episodes of separation. Battles became Wars and survival became discrimination. As we evolve, this ego place of operation is slowly being tamed by spirit and on a global scale, balance is being restored.

As we humans are so intricately intertwined with the whole of existence, our internal pains and suffering manifest in physical form on this planet, our collective consciousness is the cause of many disasters and conflict, but we are waking up to this. We are all embracing the magic of intention and are beginning to understand the connectivity between all of life.

We hear of ‘Earth Day’, sometimes from a place of ego and therefore label it as separate from ourselves. We place our own importance above that of our home. We think the planet is just a big ball of rock that we live on, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We ARE the Earth and it is us!

By healing ourselves, we heal the Earth. By making the right choices for ourselves, we make the right choices for the Earth. By operating from a place of Love and compassion and by giving yourself the Love and care that you deserve, you are giving the same to the Earth and ALL those around you. It’s time to break the chains of our ancestors faults and discard the heaviness of outdated beliefs. Let go of the old paradigm that has been governed by fear, scarcity, separateness and ego and move towards an all embracing oneness.

We are all the children of Earth, without the Earth, there are no children. Protect our Mother and she will protect us. She bears fruit, offers shelter, gives us light and also dark for us to sleep. We must live harmoniously with her so that she continues to thanklessly provide the conditions and tools we need for life.

Happy Earth Day, you deserve it!


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