Why I'm volunteering for the Dogwood No Tankers Campaign

Many of you are aware of the Northern Gateway Pipeline and the devastating impacts this project will have on the future of our species. The commencement of this pipeline will expand the Canadian Tar Sands development to a point that will cause immense damage to the atmosphere and will tip us over the edge in regards to global emissions. Our planets delicate eco system will be pushed into a place that will be unable to support human life. The extraction process itself uses two barrels of fresh water to create one barrel of oil and with our finite availability of water, this is an incredibly suicidal decision.

Tar Sands Expansion

Oil companies and the Prime Minister of Canada are in this for profit and seem unable to foresee the consequences, unlike hundreds of thousands of people around that World that have been protesting Tar Sands expansion.

Here in Canada the excellently organized Dogwood Initiative have seen one way in which Canadians can stop this expansion and it involves a call for stronger laws in relation to tanker traffic in the province of BC.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, the plan involves me.

I have volunteered my time to help organize people in my riding to assist in canvassing and ‘promotion’ of Dogwoods plan and is going to involve a huge movement across BC.

Turn the Map Green

dogwood mapThis map needs to turn entirely green in order to protect our species survival.

This is not about nature anymore, because nature will always win! It’s about humanity.

The excessive ways of many of us on this planet are driving our world leaders to conduct drastic measures to ‘secure‘ fuel for the greedy masses. It’s time we changed this around and sent the strong message to those in power.

This kind of movement isn’t gonna happen without people taking action.

We can not sit around and watch governments massacre the land and it’s people for short term profits.

You Can Help

I am in a position to volunteer my time to this cause, maybe you can volunteer some funds?

Please take a moment to reflect on the importance of this. Be careful what you google and read, as these multi billion dollar industries have the money to throw up all sorts of misleading advertisements and commercials. Listen to your peers, not those in power.

Humanity needs to come together over this and it’s time to make change.

If you’re ready to make a difference and stand with myself and Dogwood please donate whatever you feel an appropriate trade off for a healthy planet.

There is no other time to make a difference – change is happening Now!


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