Follow the Money – Which Corporations are in Control?

I simply wanted to share this graphic below. It shows you the ten main corporations that own all the brands and thus have all the power when it comes to lobbying governments and controlling the people.

I find it very interesting, but what’s more amazing is that I studied this image for sometime and can positively say that I do not buy any of the brands on this list! I was shocked, but also very happy that I do not support any of these companies.

big corportions money trail

So these companies are responsible for Black Friday, they promote their sales and cause injuries and even deaths.

An interesting website has been set up that shows the number of deaths and injuries here at It is kind of awesome, kind of depressing. But take a look anyway. Perhaps it will encourage you to stop supporting Black Friday. Whether you are a consumer or a company selling things, you need to stop supporting this mayhem!

If you want to feel sick and to understand how ridiculous this has become, then feel free to watch the montage below of some of the most depressing scenes from black Friday.

Are you caught up in the black friday nonsense? What do you think it would take to change this rather disgusting madness / desire for cheap goods, possibly made by children in inhumane conditions? Society really needs to re-examine their priorities. The moment we start putting material things above self care and care of others, we are running into a huge problem!

I direct you to read more about Buy Nothing Day

Let me know in the comments what you think about Black Friday.


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