Is Social Media Making us Lonely?

I’ve never really counted my friends before, but facebook and twitter shows us right there on the screen. Yes, yes, I know that number isn’t really our number of friends, but that number being there kind of makes you think!? Before social media existed, I never used to keep a tally of how many people I interacted with on a daily basis, or write down on a notepad how many new friends I made today. It just didn’t matter. Now however, so many people are fixated on how many friends they have or how many people ‘like’ something they have done or said. It’s a constant craving for recognition and it’s tangible. The question is, is social media making us lonely?

Innovation of Loneliness

Following on from my previous post on how to leave facebook, my friend sent me a video (via email – which was nice) which highlighted the exact same points my article addressed. It quite nicely illustrates how social media is making us lonely.
The video explains that by driving us all online and by spreading our attention between 400 plus friends or so, our quality of relationships is dwindling. The standard human is unable to deeply know more than 150 people, thus creating weaker relationships and therefore creating loneliness.
Anyway – watch the video – it’s an excellent piece that may encourage you to foster more tangible and physical relationships with your REAL friends!

What does this video bring up for you? Does it resonate with you? Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Is Social Media Making us Lonely?

  1. The video definitely resonated with me and reminded me why I choose to not be a slave to technology. I actually know people who think all the likes and friends on Facebook are actually friends. Sad. 😦

    1. It is true – people are ‘living’ in the online world! (I am guilty of this as I have an online business too) But I have not posted anything to do with my business on facebook in the last 2 – 3 weeks and am testing out visits…. It appears that I have less visits, but the people that do visit are sticking around longer and reading more. This to me proves that people cruising the net on facebook are flakey and just nosing around rather than actually interested in what one has to say. It seems facebook users are lonely and just ‘hanging out’.

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