Blue Moon August 20th – Mystic Mamma

A blue moon is around the corner, is this something we should be aware of and if so why?

Living away from the city, away from distractions and closer to nature, has put me back in touch with something deeper. Tofino (where I live) has a real energy to it. It’s raw, it’s where ocean meets rainforest, where humanity meets nature. This connection is not just a connection to nature, but a connection to the cosmos and therefore to the cosmic-ness within our very being. We are all made of stars, right?!

Blue MoonIn the last week I have had the urge to hide away, initially it felt anti-social, but on further inspection, it’s simply a way to re-charge. If you are more connected with the cosmos, then the various planetary cycles are more prominent to you and as such, it’s affects can be noticed. As the moon moves towards full, it affects certain people in certain ways and some more than others. Women that are fully in-tune with the moon, can also enter their cycle at the same time. We all know that the moon controls the tides, so why wouldn’t it control our patterns too.

Many of us are oblivious to natures ways, except maybe moaning when it rains, or when it’s too hot. We are often blinkered from the bigger picture by bright lights and stories of fashion. If you are noticing your emotions more or a change in your behaviour, think about connecting with the cosmos to look deeper, the answer may often be there.

Blue Moon

I have been a reader of the Mystic Mamma pages now for a few months and I often resonate with the words. Please take time to read their articles, I am sure you will love them. This week I direct you to their Blue Moon article.

Let me know in the comments below if you feel connected with the movements in the cosmos and if you have been affected by the planetary movements – I’d love to know.


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