Slow Down – Stop Saying Hurry Up

slow downI was recently pointed towards an amazing article on the Huff Post. The contents of which are truly inspiring and resonate with me on so many levels. I encourage you to read the full article. Not only does it teach us to slow down, but it also allows us to see the amazing lessons we can learn from children.

Since reading the article, I have noticed many parents saying to their children, ‘Come on, hurry up, let’s go!” and other words similar. We are all encouraged to ‘Get a move on‘, or to ‘Stop Daydreaming‘, but in doing this are we taking away the true essence of being alive and enjoying our experiences?

I briefly touched on the subject with someone the other day, without even saying anything the person in question said, “We don’t have long on this Earth and so we must get things done quickly to fit it all in.” This could be one way of looking at it, but I feel that enjoying the process of life, is more fulfilling than rushing around from one thing to the next.

Maybe reading the full article will teach you a little about slowing down. I know it helped me.

photo credit: Jan Tik via photopin cc


2 thoughts on “Slow Down – Stop Saying Hurry Up

  1. Perhaps many spend their life rushing around in an effort to not have to be still and perhaps encounter themselves. I love going slow and sitting in silence. I refuse to be rushed because I lived 60 years running to and fro. This is a good read, Al.

    1. This is true! Having moved to a sleepy quiet town with very little to do, it really forces you to see yourself. Many people can’t hack it as they need distractions. Distractions from their own complexities. It can be hard to face these demons, but it certainly allows one to focus on becoming more tuned in.

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