The Site is Changing

Just wanted to make a sticky post that explains the upcoming changes to the site.

I am planning on integrating my life more into this website and hoping to move away from Facebook and Twitter in the coming weeks / months. I am contemplating changing the taketochange site and re-locate it to and change the design somewhat. I think I will make certain areas a member only area for friends and family where I will include more personal items, that one would maybe usually post on Facebook.

I feel that I would rather be in control of what is shared online and I also want to host it all myself rather than rely on some 3rd party social media type website. For this reason, I am likely to be adding a feature where I will need to collect your email addresses so I can keep in touch with all my friends.

All or some of this may or may not happen, I just wanted to put it out there so you are all aware of the potential upcoming changes to the site.

Thanks for reading my ramblings……


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