Technology is Making Life Harder

Technology is making life harderNow you’d think that all this technology that we have at our disposal would be making our lives easier, but I feel the opposite is true. Where I am concerned, technology is making Life Harder. Let me explain the frustrating, yet humorous issue I faced today.

Burning a CD

I wanted to burn a CD for a fiend. The music, is in an itunes library on an external drive. No problem right? Wrong. The drive is a thunderbolt drive, designed to work with my MacBook Air, super-fast transfer rates, woks great for DJ’ing and backing up all my music. So, I connect the drive and create an itunes playlist to burn to CD. The macbook air doesnt have a CD drive, no problem, I own an iMac, and therefore I can use the ‘remote drive’ function and burn it from the Air to the iMac, wirelessly. Great!
Not quite….
Theres something wrong with the 4 month old MacBook Air and some wireless connectivity issue is preventing this. Maybe I just connect the external to the iMac, no, not possible, it’s a 2009 iMac, which doesn’t support the thunderbolt cable! What a kerfuffle.

I guess the other option I have is to use a USB stick to transfer music from one computer to the other! Anyway, I think you get my point, technology is not making my life easier, it sucks……

Here’s to a simpler life with zero technology.
photo credit: Alba Soler Photography via photopin cc

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