Soldier Murdered in London

strawberry heartI read a post on facebook about how disgusted and angry a person was with recent events relating to the soldier murdered in London. I was compelled to write a response. I thought I would publish the response here to so people can visit it at any time……

I completely understand how someone would hold so much anger for this, however, anger is not going to fix this situation.

Compassion and action are the only things that will help. We can all quickly jump to blame a single person or a religion, but this runs way deeper than this. These acts are a manifestation of our current societies collective consciousness. If we continue to hold the vibrational frequencies of anger and frustration, these energies will eventually manifest into things such as the EDL (English Defence League) and the taking of others lives like this.

dalai lamaIt is down to those in power who are constantly in the spotlight, such as world leaders, people of political persuasion and governments, media officials and corporations; to lead by example. By creating violent movies, by writing bullying articles about celebrities, by making it ‘OK’ to pick on someone in a national newspaper, by choosing greed over Love and by invading other countries, using violence and torture to impose YOUR way, is setting the wrong example.
Is it any wonder that people commit these acts of violence, when world leaders do exactly the same but on a grander scale. We all deal with anger and emotion in different ways, some people write articles to channel their frustrations, other fight back with violence. The guy who killed the soldier knew no other way, but revenge. (infact a bible teaching: eye for an eye) The bible was written as a form of control over the people, to strike fear into those that didn’t ‘obey’! All religion has been hijacked in this way, the message of ALL religions has been distorted!

We all need to develop and teach compassion and Love. It can be hard to be heard, but maybe this atrocious event can be turned into a pivotal moment in history for the better, not for the worse. We can chose our path, we can decide to ‘buy in’ to the created separation of different races within one human race, created to perpetuate divide, or we can chose to realise that we are ALL one. We are all brothers and sisters and we need to treat each other as such.

Lead by example….. the future is in your hands…..

photo credit: recompose and Rusty Stewart via photopin cc


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