Smart Meters – the Dangers

smart-meterMany seem to just accept their new meters, without question, sure, great idea. This is true about many things, we always believe the label, or the advert, or we just take the companies word for it that it’s gonna be fine. We very rarely stop and ask questions, often people that ask questions are ridiculed or made out to look paranoid and distrusting!

I say it is only wise to research what you expose yourself to. Whilst it is true that you can not protect yourself from everything, it is certainly worth minimising certain risks to remain healthy. Not only is it a matter of remaining healthy but it is a matter of telling large corporations that they should not be making profits off making people sick!

Let’s take a look at the common phrase I have heard all too often, ‘Well everything gives you cancer, I can’t avoid everything!”

Yes, almost everything CAN give you cancer. Shouldnt we then be asking, “WHY do most things give me cancer!!?”

If we asked this question, then maybe we can deal with the issue at the route of the problem. As a human race, we are causing cancer, we are producing chemicals, refining things, outputting toxins into the atmosphere and spraying our food with all sorts of crap. Is it any wonder almost EVERYTHING gives us cancer?!

So lets start asking WHY…… I wanted to make you aware of a recent article regarding the introduction of Smart Meters. Marketed as the ‘eco friendly’ way to run your electricity. Not only is it putting people out of jobs, it is allowing corporations to monitor your electricity use to gather marketing data and also it is effecting many peoples health. PLease read the article below to make yourself aware!

The Waking Times – Correcting the Gross Misinformation


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