The Honest Coca Cola Add

I have definitely drank a lot of coke in my time and yes, it does go so well with Rum! However, I am not a big coke drinker and very rarely touch it these days. It’s such a large company that causes so much destruction and pollution that it is difficult for me to support them. I cam across this fantastic video the other day – I hope you get chance to see it before someone takes it down!

Some horrible news about coca cola!

While I’ve got you – When a state government in Australia considered creating a 10-cent refund on recycling plastic bottles, Coca-Cola poured money into a misleading campaign to oppose the plan. Then, when common sense won out and the plan passed, Coke immediately sued the government to stop the program.
Check this petition to tell coca cola to stop paying money in an attempt to stop recycling in Australia!


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