Greener Swiffer

green mop ideaI have in the past been successfully marketed to by the manufacturers of the swiffer mop and have enjoyed the benefits of such convenience.  As I become more aware of my environment and develop a deeper interest in the needs of the planet along with the incessant attempt at corporations attempts to make money, I begin to ask questions of these ‘convenience’ products.

Greener Swiffer

I still own my swiffer mop, but it has sat dormant in the cupboard for months now as I refuse to buy the replacement cloths for it to reduce my waste and unnecessary demand on resources.  However, I have pulled it back out with a modified use for it.  The mop has a great rubber plug style method for attaching the pre-packaged replacement cloths, something which can be used to attach any form of cloth.  Quite simply one can use an old t-shirt, or re-usable cloth on the end of the mop for washing floors instead. Once finished, this can then be added to the laundry load and used again the next time.

Don’t forget, these products are designed to continue to make money from you, the consumer.  The best designed products from an economic profit persective are the ones that force you to buy more and more from them.  So, don’t be caught up in their trickster ways and start using your old clothes to clean your floor.  The makers of Swifer; Proctor & Gamble, have enough money and cause enough destruction as it is, theres no need to feed the system anymore.
photo credit: tracitodd via photopin cc


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