Defend Our Coast | Victoria BC

Defend our coast Victoria

Last Monday, October 22 2012, I was fortunate enough to be in a position to attend a very important rally in Victoria, BC, called Defend Our Coast.  I live about a 5 hour drive from Victoria, but circumstances were such that I was in Vancouver at the time, making my attendance much more achievable.

My day began at 5am on a couch in Vancouver, followed by a short train and bus journey. It first came apparent as to the size of this event whilst sat on the number 620 bus to Tsawwassen ferry terminal.  Overhearing conversations about political directions and Stephen Harper and the “state of things”, made me realise that the majority of people on this bus were heading to to the rally.  It was comforting to know that so many people actually cared.

The ferry was full of like minded people.  Large groups of young and old, many carrying flags or banners.  Twitter was full of people talking about this event all over Canada, and even news teams were tweeting they were on the ferry.  I even had a conversation via Twitter with someone on the ferry, whom I did not manage to see in person.  The Hash Tag #DefendOurCoast was alight with conversation.

On arrival on the Island, the line up for the bus, was not only very long, it was full of people carrying signs and preparing for the rally.  The atmosphere was fantastic and it felt like we were all a part of something much bigger.

bus line up defend our coast

There was enough time to have a relaxing breakfast before meeting the Friends of Clayoquot Sound, a group from Tofino.  Once we all met up we headed over to the Parliament buildings in Victoria and took part in a great collection of approximately 500 people.  We shared the space with First Nations from all over the area, politicians from NDP, Liberals and Green Party were there, we were all treated to musical performances and great speeches from many key figures.

The theme was very anti-Harper but pro nature.  All people seemed to want to move the country away from dirty oil and towards a cleaner energy future.  It seems that the masses are fed up of corporations running the country and politicians selling out to big business.  Stephen Harper has his own agenda that looks after China and big Oil, not the people.

I spent my time taking pictures and video and as yet have not had chance to compile these into a finished product.  Watch this space for more.

The defend our coast group have however compiled this video below that I encourage you to watch.  When people come together, change can happen.

Defending our Coast: Our Story from Zack Embree on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Defend Our Coast | Victoria BC

    1. Certainly was. There is lots going on politically and environmentally right now in Canada. I just can’t seem to stand by and do nothing.

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