Surviving Progress – Reducing Consumption

Last night I watched a great documentary; “Surviving Progress“. It was inspired by a best-selling book by Ronald Wright and includes Martic Scorsese as one of the executive directors.

The message is amazing and very true to my own beliefs.  It really tries to address the current issue with our global over consumption.  The evolution of the human being and how many seem to measure progress determined by the amount of material goods they posses, or create!  It addresses the issues we are faced by the energy sector and quite clearly states that large energy companies are simply trying to find another way to make money.  For example corporations are aware that oil is going to run out (our planet is finite) so these companies are trying to invent new techniques to power the excess of vehicles that we will require.  It takes an obvious look at the fact that this is not a fix, with the only fix being to change our ways and not require vehicles at all.

With interviews from Margaret Atwood, Jane Goodall, Michael Hudson (former Wall Street exec), David Suzuki, Steve Hawkin and many more, this documentary intelligently addressees the need for change and plainly describes the global population and resource crisis we are going to face.

It seems inevitable that the globe is heading for even bigger changes and a huge global meltdown of sorts, but it appears that the richest on the planet want to make as much money as possible as it does.  This doesnt have to be the way however, we can all make our own changes and STOP CONSUMING!

David Suzuki mentions that economics is a form of brain damage.  It is a man made entity that does not take nature or evolution into account and merely sees those as externalities to the bottom line.  This is not an economy that has any care for its people and is simply in place to make the rich richer at the expense of the plpanets people.

Wall Street Steals from ‘developing’ Countries

In an interesting section, Surviving Progress explains how, Wall Street ‘lends’ money to developing countries which is then asked to be returned at a hgher rate of interest.  Wall Street knows full well, that this country will not be able to pay this debt back at its current output rates.  Then instead of the country going bankrupt, Wall Street puts on the pressure  and forces that country to sell its natural resources to pay back the debt.  This then forces the population into hard labour, for money in order to consume more and more things they don’t really need.  It is a huge mess that needs to be fixed.

Feeding the banks

After watching the movie I headed onto Twitter to see what others were saying.  The irony was that many people were telling people to watch the film, which is great, but they were saying, “…it’s on Netflix…”.  Isn’t this exactly what the film is typically saying that is causing the problem? With all the money heading in one direction; Netflix, arent we paying into the problem here.  So go support a local business and rent in from a dying breed of movie stores, or if your internet is fast enough……

Surviving Progress


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