Life – How I See it


Life is an extremely complex subject, like a river delta there are many tributaries that feed and lead off into many different directions. Some are calm, some are violent rapids, some pass through beautiful views and others contain dangers lurking beneath. There are also many tools that people use to filter or make sense of the pictures, sounds, images, feelings and experiences they encounter whilst travelling these many paths through life.
I am in no way planning to explore the many facets of these intriguing routes or tools as this would lead to writing volumes of books, which would then be subjected to much critique from others, whom have been awarded pieces of paper that contain letters or numbers grading their knowledge.  As I am considered ‘unqualified’ for such weighted exploration, I will refrain from this and give you fair warning that the words you are about to read are simply my humble human perspective.


All human beings want to be Happy, an emotion that is fairly high up on the emotional guidance scale.  It is not the highest vibrational frequency however, as I believe it is trumped by Love, True Love.  Love, however, has been objectified and conditions have been placed on this emotion, with other human beings being forced to conform to certain guidelines or rules before being eligible to receive such grandeur.


In order to receive Love (not true Love), many people are unnecessarily required to align with the lovers’ requests or to conform with conditions born of the ego.  Superficial requirements such as looks, money, status or beliefs are used as measurements of the quota of love one is to receive.  If one does not conform to these demands of the ego then this type of Love can be withdrawn


EgoThe ego is the created image of the self, its that person who doesn’t like to be ridiculed, the person that needs acknowledgement, the person that must be better than the other.  It is the reason we enjoy competition or the reason we like to be a part of a team, group or gang. The ego is strengthened when more people join together with a common cause, a collective ego is born.  The most common form of a collective ego is seen in ‘Patriotism’.  Except from the entire human race, there is no bigger collective ego than a countries collective ego. To step outside of this ‘team’ risks alienation from the collective ego, which is why ‘patriotism’ is used by governments to encourage support for wars. If patriotism can be gained through menial competitions such as sport, then this could garner more support should the Country call upon it at times of conflict. If a person chooses not to be a part of the collective ego, the remainder of the collective sees that person as an outcast.


Sometimes when a person feels as if their identity is being challenged and their ego is threatened, they will attempt to reassert their position by attacking the ego of another. If one feels attacked and emotionally triggered, ideally one should investigate the deeper reasons as to why this emotion has been triggered.  Instead what usually happens is we retaliate from a place of ego and suppress the real emotion by replacing it with anger and frustration, redirecting that back to the perceived threat.


This is the tricky part, in order to transcend the ego, one must surrender to what is and accept the present moment.  This isn’t to say, ignore the information around you, but to fully absorb it, understand it, work with it and accept it.  We all need to contribute to society and to challenge the status quo. We all need to question the information that is presented to us, as that is what we are truly here to do, but we need to make sure we do what will benefit the whole.

Who are you?

Who are youWhatever your experience, it is YOUR experience; these things are happening to you because of the choices you make.  They are your choices, no one has made them for you, no one else to to blame for your mistakes or triumphs, it is all YOU. It is true that people or situations have influenced you on your path, but ultimately the path you take was entirely your decision.  Sometimes people are stuck, or trapped in a cycle.  They have become identified with their ‘story’ of who they are, or who they think they should be, or even who others think they should be.  The Truth is, you are YOU and the only way to discover who this is, is to journey within, push your boundaries, do what makes you uncomfortable, look at what scares you and why.  I am not talking about things in the physical realm as such, but more on the emotional realm.  Do things that challenge your beliefs.  When we place a system of beliefs on ourselves, including who we think we should be, it places boundaries on our abilities and experiences.  This restricts us in the physical realm, but also stops us from accessing parts of the psyche that will remain dormant unless we explore there.


When we judge others, we judge ourselves.  When we judge ourselves, we restrict our behaviour.  If we disapprove of another, then we disapprove of that quality in ourselves too.  It is wise to explore this aspect, as it is a key to expanding our consciousness and to be more accepting of others and ultimately; yourself. You need to discover the driving forces behind the decisions you make and invariably it has something to do with your own perception of yourself. A constant judging of oneself, held firmly by a belief which was impressed upon you through experiences and interactions.  Some of these beliefs, or constraints as I might call them here, have been put there against your will. But because society may have challenged you if you had not accepted these beliefs as your own, then you blindly took them on and continued to strive towards maintaining them.  This is how you end up in a vicious cycle and ultimately keep banging your head against a wall or travelling along the wrong path.


Once you discover that you have placed these constraints on your being you are able to move on and expand your experiences; doing things you never would’ve thought possible and experiencing parts of yourself that you had buried deep in a vault of your unknown consciousness. There are many ways of self-discovery, most of it really involves walking into the wind, or paddling upstream in the emotional realm, but strangely enough this path is the same as going with the wind or down stream in the physical realm.

discover your depths

What I am trying to say here, is that if you let go of your constraints and take the route of least resistance, ie. stop fighting to protect a false, superficial, egoic projection of yourself and truly allow your path to unfold from the depths of your true nature, then things get easier and life expands.  But when you try to maintain the outdated view of yourself, one that has been imposed by society, then you perpetuate the lack of discovery by attempting to conform to ‘ideals’ that are not even your own.


Society is designed to police itself.  If enough people believe the same outdated beliefs, then if one steps out of line, they are challenged as being a freak, or different, and attempts are made by ‘peers’ to put this person back in line with society.  This restricts the growth of many and creates an army of conformity; a population that is easy to control.  When one of these ‘freaks’ stands up and challenges the status quo, they are put back in line and told to shut up.  Now is the time to expand the whole of human consciousness and to move ‘society’ to the next level.
First we all need to go on a journey of self-discovery, find out your truth and I mean REAL TRUTH (not what society has told you is truth) then use this knowledge to make correct choices that will better the direction of the human race.  Use true Love to get there and cast away the need to be loved, as if you ARE Love, you can never want for anything more.


Buddha treeThere are many tools to self-discovery and making the right choices. Yoga, meditation, walks in nature, peaceful silence and giving up anything that suppresses your feelings, such as alcohol or medication, are just a few examples. You are what you eat too.  Check out what you are putting into your body.  Never trust the wording on your food packaging, research it, find out is it GMO, does it contain chemicals, what are you truly eating?  And when you are eating, what companies or shady goings on are you actually supporting?  What damage are you doing to your world by consuming that particular product?
The powerful elite, wish to control the population as easily as possible, they want to dumb you down to conform to their wishes as it is the only way they can achieve complete domination.  They do not care about your well being, they will push crap in your face so long as it will make them more money, giving them more power and ultimately more control.  You are in control of your life, no one else, step out of the oppressive cycle of life and into true life.  Make choices you dont even know are there and you will see benefits on a global scale.  The time has come to discover your true potential, get out there and shine!

What changes have you made and how has this impacted your life? Feel free to discuss in the comments. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Life – How I See it

  1. Good post, Alan. Covers everything. Nothing more to say. You’re done! Take the rest of life off.
    (Mainly, i’m commenting to test whether the comments work.)

    1. It appears as if the comments are working! Thanks for being my first tester Greg. Much appreciated! And I think you’re right, I’m gonna retire…..

  2. Wow. You pretty much said it all and as I read your words I thought, you have to be my brother from another mother. I see life as you see it and agree with everything you said.

    Being willing to step away from the “collective consciousness of the herd” and open to this healing journey has made me seem odd to many. However, I don’t even care about that.My soul hungers and thirsts for wholeness and truth and it keeps me drilling down to my core to recover my authentic self.

    This is a wonderful post. By the way, I switched to a self-hosting site also. I’m with Blue Host and there is a great plugin for likes and sharing buttons. Who hosts your site? I think my subscribers were switched to my new site but I’m not sure.

    1. Hi Brenda – happy to see you have found me here on my new pages. I have moved, merely as a test for my other site (completely unrelated).

      Thank you for your words yet again, I am happy that there is some connection there and that we share similar values. I hope that this post does shed some light on things for others who find it more of a challenge to see things the way we do. People tend to move away from things that scare them, but I find that moving towards the unknown or uncomfortable, is a better way to expand.

      Thanks again.

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