A Day in the Life

It’s been a little while since I wrote in my Take to Change blog.  I have ben very busy with al my other stuff (I run 2 other blogs too – TraktorTips and Ethical Social Media), but my day today was such that I feel the need to tell you all about it.

Hanging it out to Dry

I currently work two days a week to earn the necessary funds to pay for rent and food, the rest of the time is spent enjoying life and working on my own projects (as mentioned above with the other blogs).  Between crafting posts and working out on hoot suite I decided to do the laundry.  As I filled the dryer with clothing and sheets, I suddenly stopped myself and realised that the day was so hot that it seemed completely ridiculous to be putting the dryer on creating yet more heat.  So I stopped! I realised that there was a piece of rope in the bottom of the cupboard which would make a more than suitable washing line.

laundry hanging
They say not to air your dirty laundry in public – well there’s nothing more public than the internet – good thing it’s clean laundry!

I feel that we have lost our old ways of hanging out the laundry and we need to reignite this old method.  Since moving to Canada, I don’t remember the last time I saw a washing line full of clothes.  I remember hearing that in Whistler, BC, Canada it was against the bylaws to hang washing out as it was an eyesore to tourists visiting the wondrous place!!??  Those mechanical dryers use so much power and generate so much heat, if we were able to cut down we would definitely make a difference.

Later in the day….

So after I had got over my excitement of hanging out my washing, I later headed out to the beach.  A short 10 minute walk treats me to a special sight; a beautiful beach with a favourable sunset, I can’t resist a quick snap on the iPhone. (much more inviting than the picture above)

Tonquin Beach Tofino
Don’t even think about coming here – Tourists are kidnapped and discretely disposed of.

After relaxing to the sunset, my girlfriend and I decided to head off home, but were disheartened to find an unfortunate mishap had occurred. It clearly wasn’t a deliberate act, as no one in their right mind would do such a thing, but it appeared that someone had accidentally left a shit load of a mess on the beach!!

recycle your cansGratefully the cans you see above were already packed up as you see in the shot, but they had been left on the bach for the sea to collect upon its return to shore.  There were 33 cans in total, which will happily supply me with $1.65 at the recycling depot.  But aside from this it gave me something to blog about!

Just remember, if you accidentally leave your cans on the beach, we don’t hate you, there is always someone to pick up after you!

Thanks for visiting Tofino you all rock!


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