Dear Coffee Shop – Please help Save the World

Dear Coffee Shop,

Whilst I understand that refusing to serve coffee to a customer that hasn’t brought in their own mug is not best business practice for a coffee sop, I also recognize that most coffee shops are doing very little to encourage the use of reusable mugs.  Aside from offering a discounted rate, very little is being done! It is something that deeply upsets me and should be regarded of higher importance than it currently seems to.  I will offer a suggestion to all coffee shop owners below as a way to encourage an increase in re-usable cups and a decrease in unnecessary waste!

I know the onus should not necessarily be on the coffee shop owner to encourage your mostly unconscious crowd of coffee slurpers to carry around their own mug, but as you are part of the problem contributing to the millions of discarded cups and cup lids, around the globe, then I feel you should take a little more action in curbing this huge drag on society and the environment.

I know I know, your disposable cup has your logo on it, its great advertising, but is it great advertising when I see your logo on a discarded cup on the side of a highway 2 hours from your nearest establishment??! I think not! So I respectfully request that you try to implement my following suggestion, if you would be so thoughtful and kind.

Many stores offer some loyalty scheme, something similar to buy 9 coffees, collect your stamps and receive a free coffee.  Well, could you not implement this system for a ‘bring your own cup’ stamp collection?  For example, if a customer brings in their own cup, they receive a stamp, once they have, rather cleverly, succeeded in this strangely incomprehensible task, they are awarded with a free coffee or a delicious treat.  It is so simple and hopefully would encourage more people to be environmentally conscious.  You could even ask them to market your business with a sticker on their coffee mug for a reduced rate on the coffee or some other such reward.

So please if you like this idea, circulate it to your coffee shop, ask them politely if they could take part in this initiative and lets help reduce the amount of 30 minute, ‘one-use-only’ garbage items.  Thank you.


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