Corrugated Packaging – Global Warming Impact

Whilst ripping up some corrugated cardboard for composting I came across a small printing on the packaging. I was instantly drawn to the website and decided to visit it. contains a bunch of information about the global effects of cardboard production and how best to deal with it for recycling.

Handling of corrugated at its life end, on the other hand, is relatively significant for Global Warming Potential. Landfills result in anaerobic decomposition, which releases methane in addition to CO2, so landfill is the least-preferred end-of-life alternative.

How Can We Reduce Corrugated’s Global Warming Impact Even Further?

We can reduce corrugated’s global warming potential by diverting it, at end-of-life, from landfills. We do this is by working to increase corrugated recovery and by continuing to increase use of biobased fuels in containerboard production and converting, which lowers our reliance on fossil fuels. The corrugated industry has been steadily increasing both recovery and biogenic fuel use over decades, and continues striving to improve this energy balance in its facilities.

For more information: visit and click on Sustainability. 

So keep your eye out for symbols similar to the one here on your card and make sure you go to the efforts to help sequester carbon responsibly.  If you are in the States, you can pop in your zip code for the closest recycling centres.

Thank you, if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.


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