Enbridge Spills it out – Animation

A veteran B.C. political cartoonist says his newspaper has backed down in a fight with one of Canada’s largest energy companies over a spoof of an advertisement.

Dan Murphy, of the Vancouver Province, created an animated parody targeting Enbridge Inc. and the potential environmental impact of its proposed multi-billion-dollar Northern Gateway pipeline proposal that would cross B.C. and Alberta.

Murphy says his publisher, Postmedia News, pulled the online animation off its website after Enbridge threatened to cut advertising with the newspaper chain, a claim Enbridge denies

This snippet was taken from this article on CBC News.  After reading it, I contacted the cartoonist Dan Murphy via twitter who forwarded me the full video below:-

There is some uncertainty as to what the true reasons were for pulling this cartoon from the website, but one side of the story is copyright and the other side is that Enbridge threatened to remove $1million worth of advertising from post media news corp.  Which ever reason it is, we all know Enbridge stinks and they’re wasting their advertising dollars anyway!



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