The Canadian Trans-Pacific Free Trade Heist

I moved from the UK to Canada in 2008 because it was a beautiful country with amazing vistas and to support it’s peoples love of the great outdoors.  As time progresses and the more I read and understand about the Harper government, the more I begin to see corruption and a seedy underbelly to this country.  Greed, money and a political interest in the ‘value’ of nature, is turning my love of Canada against Canadian leaders.
Are you Canadian, do you love this country, do you love your leaders, what makes you proud to be Canadian these days?!

The free trade agreement is all about exploiting Canada’s natural resources & agricultural commodities and importing products produced in jurisdictions that have much lower wages in many cases.  After WWII, the Canadian manufacturing sector made up 29% of our economy, but now it only makes up 13% (a 55% decline).  This trend will only continue to get worse based on the decisions the Harper government is making.  Our government should be supporting and promoting local businesses rather than outsourcing local economic potential.  In addition, now that the 2012 Omnibus budget has been passed, environmental assessment on natural resource projects have suffered a serious blow.  Projects will be fast tracked.   The goal of the Harper government is to exploit Canada’s resources as quickly as possible in an effort to sell the raw material to developing nations so that we can purchase the finished products using bank credit.  You can easily see where this is going.

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