Sustainability – Prince Charles Speaks Out

Today, my spirits have been lifted.  I was fortunate enough to locate ‘Earth Blog 21‘  directing me to the video below of Prince Charles addressing those in attendance at the Rio PLus 20 summit.  He has quite undeniably stated that the global population needs to take our climate and sustainability more seriously and not ignore scientific evidence that our planet is heading to catastrophe if we do not change out ways.

It is amazing that a public figure such as this, has stepped up to the plate and laid it out how it is.  For the first time in my life I have developed a true love of this man.  In previous weeks, I have been nonchalant in regards to Britain’s monarchy, but this piece from Prince Charles has garnered some support from me.

Better than any Queens Speech

I encourage you to watch the Speech in its entirety, but to capture a few quotes that really struck me:

“We continue to ignore the painful lessons of the so called green revolution in India, by intensifying our food production methods in such blinkered, chemically and technologically based ways, that the land and the oceans are both beginning to fail.”

I admire that he too believes that the use of chemicals in food production is causing our natural environment to fail.

 “Tragically we can not even plead ignorance of the consequences of our actions as the scientific evidence is overwhelming, the impacts are well understood. There is wide spread consensus within each discipline, which when put together with all the rest, forms a powerful aggregated picture, that we can il afford to ignore!”

Prince Charles is clearly saying, that we should not be ignoring the science on these matters and that it is time to do something.

“It is perhaps a trait of human nature; to act only when the worst happens, but that is not a trait we can afford to rely on here. Once the worst does happen, Im afraid, this time around, it will be too late to act at all.”

Very dramatically at the end of the video Prince Charles enforces his message, that now is the time!

This piece has opened my eyes to how the Monarchy is detached from politics and therefore has nothing to fear regards any repercussions of what is said.  This allows Prince Charles to state what he truly believes which takes some courage in todays society.
I know we are no longer in the days where Kings & Queens rule by fear, death and beheading people, which is a good thing, but I can only hope that the new peaceful process of encouragement from Prince Charles can spark recognition of these huge chalenges the world faces and spurs some influential people into action.

We don’t need to wait until governments change the rules, you can change today by choosing where you spend your money and how you live your life.

International Sustainability Unit

Princes charities logoDuring the speech Prince Charles makes mention of the Hake fisheries of South Africa. I decided to look this up as I was concerned about fish farming and whether or not he supported this in anyway.  The declaration for the Marine Program does not mention any support of fish farming, it does mention that the program wishes to reverse the decline of wild fisheries and:

Sustainable fisheries are profitable fisheries in which good management is rewarded by good livelihoods, dignified employment and strong communities. That is why sound economics must underpin sustainable fishing. Sound economics must create positive incentives for robust management so as to achieve long-term sustainability while at the same time making short-term unsustainable practices less attractive.

Thank you for reading – I hope you too found some encouragement in this and want to make relevant changes to enhance our future and the future of other generations to come.


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