Earthship Codes, Permits, Regulations and Laws

Last year I watched a documentary called “Garbage Warrior”, it is about this fantastic man who designed a zero carbon emission home and has been fighting the long process of obtaining permits for building these very necessary homes.

It is possible to volunteer on Earthship projects to learn the skills necessary to build these amazing homes.  The only problem is, you need to build it in what Mr Reynolds terms as a ‘pocket of freedom’. In other words an area where old laws no longer constrict the building of carbon zero houses.  These are usually in developing countries.  You can find out more about Earthships at their site

This video highlights the challenges the team faces.


5 thoughts on “Earthship Codes, Permits, Regulations and Laws

  1. After having the privilege of staying in an Earthship in New Mexico for a couple nights, I’d say lots of codes need to be changed. These homes are functional, beautiful, and sustainable!

  2. Hello there! It is possible to build earthships within current building codes. It’s more challenging, but it can be done. We have done it! Codes do need to change, though, to reflect a different use of our resources. As well as being an earthship owner in British Columbia Canada, I’m an administrator on a FB page called Canadian Earthships…please join us there!

    1. Thanks for your message! I have joined you on the facebook group. I am happy that it is possible to make – will look into what we must sacrifice in order to obey codes! Thanks.

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