The Miracle of Nature

I recently read an article that highlighted to me the wonders of nature that we tend to over look or take for granted.
A teacher in the article has been teaching his young students for many years as to the life cycle of salmon and the intricacies of nature. I can’t imagine that people ever stop to think about this process of natural creation and how we, on this planet, are exposed to such wondrous behaviour and the miracles of the universe.
Currently the human race is experiencing a shift in consciousness. But this shift is pulling in two different directions from two different schools of understanding. Those that truly connect with nature and the source of their being, and those that are connected with material wealth, performance and money. There is a superficiality with the latter that detaches one from the depths of truth and awe. It stops people bathing in the magic of everything around us and turns each action into a quantification or a bottom line; a hard number or fact. This is exactly what salmon farming and any other type of mass consumer farming does for that matter. It’s about numbers and power.
Instead of appreciating the intricacies of nature, nature is turned into business, a science project a mass production to serve a greedy hungry population and the magic is lost!

Take a moment today to understand the intricacies of nature on a deeper level, turning away from mass consumption and greed and pay attention to the wonders of nature.



3 thoughts on “The Miracle of Nature

  1. Nice sentiment. Aldous Huxley said after reading Silent Spring that “‘We are losing half the subject matter of English Poetry”. It seems to be the case sadly.

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