Control the Food – Control the Population

I have recently taken an interest in the activity of Fish Farming due to issues prominent locally here in Tofino, BC, Canada.  Many people are against fish farming due to research expressing how farmed fish are passing viruses to wild fish, thus reducing wild fish stocks.  Those promoting the benefits of fish farming, express the need for this method based on the fact that we have overfished wild stocks, therefore presenting farmed fish as a more sustainable delivery method.  To some extent, this is true, but not only do we have a plethora of issues with viruses and inhumane methods of rearing and killing fish, we have a whole different perspective that we should be looking at.

Population Control

I have had discussions with many people about what high level governments have planned.  One of the subjects that must be on their agenda is population control.  It is true that the population is skyrocketing and is most definitely an issue.  It is, however, only an issue if society maintains it high level of consumption.  Societies high level of consumption is necessary in order to keep a population ‘happy’. Only when the population is ‘happily consuming’ will they work harder, pay taxes and blindly enslave themselves to this system.
For this to work, this level of consumption and entertainment must be maintained. However, in order for this, it appears that governments and corporations have and are taking over the food supply systems.

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Monsanto is one example of a monopoly on food supply.  Beef agriculture is another example. More large factory farms are used and people blindly support these businesses which drive natural organic farmers out.  This in-turn forces people to rely on a food supply controlled by governments and corporations.

Fish Farming

Taking this into consideration, wouldn’t it be beneficial for governments to take over the fish supply too. If the only way one can obtain fish, is through a shop or supermarket, then what choice does a person have when the food supply is cut off?

Which way is this all going? As the world becomes more and more unstable economically, socially and politically, where are you going to obtain your food?!

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It is time to take your life into your own hands and stop relying on governments and corporations to feed you.  If you are an organic farmer, or small supplier, keep doing it. Research what food grows in your area and grow some, reduce your reliance on store bought food and research where it comes from.  Reduce meat intake as it most likely comes from a factory farm or is ridled with antibiotics. It’s time to return to the natural way of life, as best we can.


Cancer has been linked to a whole host of food stuffs, cosmetic products, cleaning products and industrial products.  Doctors and researchers tirelessly work for a cure.  We should not be looking for a cure of cancer, we need to focus on a prevention.

If our food supply contains chemicals, we are exposing ourselves to the risk of cancer or infertility, is this a part of the grand scheme of population control? If you havent even given that a thought then you are letting yourself down.  What is THE most important thing for you? I woud say it would be your own health.  So stay in control of it, you are what you eat, so eat healthy and reduce your exposure to chemicals.

What will it take to change the way you live?

Here is an article expressing Monsanto’s interest in acquisition of fish farming industry.

Video: Another opinion on food control


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