Emotional Headlines – Time for Compassion

Having just read the headline, “British soldier, shot dead in Afghanistan!” made me think a little bit.

Image courtesy of World at War Blogspot

First of all it makes me sad that people are being killed for the sake of war and the second thought it provokes is in regards to why the papers report this in this way?
By reporting it in this way it seems designed to spark enrage at the ‘opposing’ countries. It does not and should not matter whether this soldier is British, Australian, an Israeli or from Afghanistan, the point of the matter is, a person has been shot. It is no more important that he is British! Using headlines like this weights the article with an intention, an intention to harbor hatred or disgust for ‘the enemy’. It seems to belittle all other deaths of non-british soldiers! The same occurs in other countries’ headlines, they report how many soldiers of their nation have been killed. Why do we create this separation and detach the human element from these crimes of murder. Whatever nationality the person, they were still killed and it appears that government and media are trying to stir hatred in those countries in order to create support for these wars. Well here’s the news for you, your real enemy is the person sending these soldiers to war.  It is time to realize this propaganda and to start seeing that innocent lives are being lost merely to appease governments insatiable greed for money, resources and world domination, all under the guise of ‘democracy’.

The next time you read about a soldier from your country being killed in a foreign country, think about all those other people being killed, ask yourself why and also spare a thought for the terrible state ones head must be in in order to kill someone. Why do our governments create this situation? Why do they treat human beings as fodder? And why belittle someone’s death in order to build ‘patriotism’ and support for a war that is always unnecessary?

What emotions are stirred inside you by this type of headline – are you supportive of wars, is there truly a need for war and what is your opinion of the true reasons countries are engaged in war?


7 thoughts on “Emotional Headlines – Time for Compassion

  1. Amen brother, Amen. I despise war and I see it as a result of greed and people not knowing they’re connected. I do not support war and I definitely am against this stupid, senseless war we’re in right now. But, what’s happening on the battlefield is an outer expression of what’s happening in people’s hearts and lives. It’s a “me” world where many are going through life unconsciously. They choose to keep their head buried in the sand and don’t see the toll war is taking on our world, our earth, our economy, our morality, and on civilization. Some actually believe this war is needed to keep us “safe”, which to me is absolute insanity. Safe from what????
    I am constantly blown away by people who believe what they read in the paper or hear what they’re told on their favorite “news” channel. We are lied to on a moment by moment basis and everyone goes about life with their nose buried in some form of entertainment, or in two jobs so they can put food on the table.
    I have no idea how all of this will end but it might make a difference if people would wake up.

    1. Yes Brenda, thanks yet again for your amazing comments. I am very upset how people seem so buried in things and more recently with the Queens Jubilee celebrations, my ex-patriots from England seem so patriotic right now and I am questioning why. My question is, does patriotism create separatism? You’re comments are valuable – thanks again!

      1. Al, I believe ignorance and mindlessness are what creates separatism.
        Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate all who put the truth out there and you are one of them.

      2. this is also true – I am having a very interesting debate about the Queens Jubilee on my personal FB page – lots of friends giving me stick for not supporting the Queen. I feel the issues run deeper than this.

      3. Well, I feel it’s a bit of both, but mainly the amount of money that is spent on these celebrations, when it could be going on much better things.

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