Climate Action Day – May 5th 2012

As you all know I am very passionate about protecting our environment and have been blogging about various ways in which we can reduce our footprint. Infact I’m not sure I like the term footprint, as it seems a little disparaging. I would maybe use the term devastation. Now many of us subscribe to various news feeds, mail outs and blogs, we receive the message, hopefully, if we have time, we read it, occasionally, we may even take action!
Some emails ask for a simple email sign up or a call to share something, depending on my mood and availability, I will most likely share it, but sometimes it’s just a little too much, so the email is deleted.

What did I do?

I subscribe to the e-newsletter, I really appreciate their work, I have donated a small amount of money in the past, but this particular email had a different effect, I wanted to take action.

May 5th, was to be climate action day, a global day of action where people from all over the planet will “Connect The Dots“. A campaign where normal members of humanity can have their say and highlight issues of climate change local to them, by capturing the message in the form of a photograph for all the world to see.

I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to pull together the community to highlight the importance of climate change.  I turned to a local organization, The Friends of Clayoquot Sound, for support in this and they happily offered to assist and run with this campaign. After a few emails back and forth and a few call outs for some volunteers, we had 15 volunteers in place for our photoshoot.

The campaign involved creating a photograph that contained some kind of “dot”, which later would be joined to all the other dots, provided by all other campaigns around the world. I had spent some time creating a small collection of dots and to my amazement another volunteer created a huge dot that instantly made me smile on seeing it.

On the morning of the shoot, we all met up and car pooled down to the Kennedy Flats, where local logging company Iisaak, had control of the area. We had two amazing photographers volunteering their expertise and within no time at all, we had an amazing shot set up.

douglas ludwig photography
The Submission to – Taken by Douglas Ludwig

As the climate becomes more and more extreme, we must acknowledge that human activity isn’t doing too much to help the situation. The population of the planet combined with our insatiable desire to consume, buy, waste and deprive the planet of its resources, is really causing long term damage and we have to change direction.

The number 350 in the is the number of parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere that many scientists consider safe. We are currently sat at 392ppm!

Our photo above expresses the connection between logging and carbon release. Each hectare of old growth forests stores 1000 tonnes of carbon, each hectare left standing will continue to help keep our atmosphere at a safe level for human life.

For the Naysayers

For those that don’t care, or can’t quite grasp the point of all this, I say to you the following:-

The human race has evolved a lot over time and yes, in the grand scheme of things, it is a drop in the pond, but imagine how much further we can evolve if we protect this planet. We have not even come close to fully developing all of our senses; further senses required to understanding our world, other worlds and additional dimensions. As we truly connect with nature and fully realize our infinite potential, we will transcend the confines of our current society and wonder what ridiculous oppression we once dealt with. If you don’t think there is more to life, then you are limiting yourself and the rest of humanity.

Many people are paid to write anti-climate articles, or they protest the protesters because they stand to lose jobs, or wealth. There is absolutely no other reason (other than ego) to stand against those wishing to rescue the climate. I obviously don’t want an us and them mentality here and I want someone to live as comfortably as the next, but we have to really re-asses what is comfortable and what is excessive and greedy. We can all live in harmony with our basic needs met, sustaining a planet that is designed to nurture life through growing, not depletion. Humanity need not return to the dark ages, but can redesign failing systems as we learn about the destruction they are causing. It is time to lead the way and shine a bright path forward into the new world, not to continue, beating a broken drum.  If you see something that needs doing, do it, don’t wait for someone else, we can lead this change, you can lead this change, when the time is right, the rest will follow.

Marnie Recker Photography
Douglas Ludwig looking cool – Taken by the amazing Marnie Recker

It felt so good coming together with all these mindful connected people of Tofino to create this amazing message through this special piece of art. I thank you all for your time and efforts, it reassures me that the world is heading in the right direction.


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