Earth Day 2012

Today is Earth Day, which should, in my opinion be everyday! Our Earth provides for us, without fail despite the abuse we give her.  Like any mother would, she will provide unfalteringly to her children, no matter what it takes, until she is drained of all her energy and collapses.

Today, is a day designed to acknowledge all the Earth provides and to recognize this by giving back.  A little similar to mothers day, but this time for the one encompassing mother; Mother Earth, Pacha-mama!


Here in Tofino, BC, Canada, it is very raw.  The presence of the Earth is very noticeable. We are surrounded by ocean, mountains and trees.  People come from all over the world to enjoy it’s beauty and to relax on its beaches.  People feel refreshed after visiting nature, it replenishes the soul.  We need nature for our souls and not just for our material goods and man-made wealth.  Nature is more to us than simply a way of making money.

Tofino, along with many other places are under threat to man’s greed, the demand for oil and rare minerals does not seem to be reducing and governments are becoming ever more shady with their decisions.  In Tofino we are pushing to save the forests, the oceans, the whales, the salmon and the wolves. Even debris from the Japanese Tsunami begins to wash ashore.  We understand tide times, we recognize the moons patterns, we see natures approach and unwavering existence.

In cities, many are detached from this understanding, this alliance with the Earth.  Buildings surround them, shielding them from the moon, lights reflect back the stars, creating merely a haze of darkness in the sky.  Nature has gone from cities.
City folk however need this nature and this is why they come to Tofino.

The Earth is Good for you

I recently read an article which explained how various people were tested in a simple knowledge test under two different conditions.  One group were asked to walk for ten minutes in a busy city street, whilst the other group walked through woodland.  Following the walk all participants were tested on the same test and the group that had been in the woods, completed the test more efficiently.  Without going too deeply into the test here, I just wanted to mention it, as the results proved that nature is calming, it settles the mind and increases your ability to think more clearly.

Well, maybe its time to build your own Tofino.  On this Earth Day, if you do nothing else, just spend some time in nature and appreciate what the Earth offers you on a deeper level, within your soul. Feel how magical nature is and figure out ways you can grow nature around you.  It’s time to turn this planet around, it needs to be a planet of beauty, of trees, of countryside, of greenery, of clear blue oceans, of snow capped mountains, of white sandy beaches.  There isn’t one of you reading this, that does not like the sound of that, so lets make it happen.  Heaven & Hell are not some far off place, they are the state of mind and they are present here on this planet – it is down to you to make it Heaven.


Many of you have already seen my Nurture Video – but for those that haven’t, it’s my way of appreciating nature.  I had such a relaxing time filming this and it ignited something in me that made me truly appreciate where I live.
Today I thank the Earth for everything!


2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2012

    1. Thanks Brenda – always nice to hear your words of support! I know my daily positive posts have dried up a little – this is nothing to do with my lack of positivity, but more of a change in direction. I mean to continue my stories at some point.

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