Governments are not in charge, you are!

Great Bear Rainforest
Wow, this place really exists, lets keep it this way.

It is hard to avoid news of pipelines and conservation these days. The reason for this, is because it’s extremely important.

As the world becomes more connected, with the aid of the Internet, people are able to be heard from all over. The one voice is getting louder! This means that certain events don’t sneak by as easily these days; causing companies and governments to be more accountable to those voices.
As more and more of these voices begin to join, they slowly edge ahead of the power that governments and corporations think they have and the people become the leading force.
Governments and corporations work for us, we are their boss, their employer. As with any boss, we need to set out guidelines for our staff, tell them what’s acceptable and what’s not. Tell them how our world needs to run, and if they get it wrong, discipline them, give them a warning, or ultimately, fire them.
Warnings are being sent all the time, occupy movements across the globe, soldiers uncovering the truths and leaving the forces, movies being released on the important issues, global issues trending on twitter, scientists uncovering issues and pitching ways to solve them, even Roseanne Barr is getting involved! In one constituent of Toronto this month, the Green party received almost the same amount of votes as the Conservatives. The people are sending their warnings, but is our staff listening? If they don’t, then we must fire them.

Let’s keep on the pressure, never give up trying to take this human race in the right direction, we are all on this planet for a reason and it sure isn’t to make money and save the economy by pulling the black gold from the Earth.  The Earth will spit us out, or it will nurture us, treat others how you would like to be treated, this also goes for our planet. Be good to her!

Check out the video below – a friend of mine is involved in the project, which plans to show a group standup paddle board the proposed oil tanker route through the great bear rainforest. The proposed northern gateway pipeline is a  ridiculous idea, they stupidly plan to pick up the oil from the end of this pipeline, in ships bigger than the Exxon Valdez. For those that are unaware, the Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989, causing a spill of nearly 10.9 million gallons on 1100 miles of coastline. Despite their seemingly large fine of $125 million, they still sit as the number two richest company in the world! We do not want a repeat of this. Many communities depend on this coastline to survive, and it’s widely regarded as one of the more treacherous navigable water on the planet. It is a disaster we can’t chance.

Thanks for reading, watching, sharing and most importantly, taking action.

Other ways to help

Avaaz Petition

Take it Taller Campaign campaign

The government did not make it easy to google this page – but I provide it here for you with ease – Submit a Comment to the Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Board

For those that want to read more about the Exxon Valdez disaster, I found this good resource.


2 thoughts on “Governments are not in charge, you are!

    1. Thanks Brenda – I hope my words are echoed far and wide and action takes place – I am heading to an Enbridge Rally on Saturday, so stay tuned for info on that!

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