Day 141 – The Jigsaw Comes Together

Awaking before sunrise, to join a field of outdoor dancers moving to the sound of Kamananda, was to be how my Sunday began.
Watching the sunrise whilst dancing to Random Rab, was how it slowly developed.
At 9am, the filmmakers workshop began, one of the few workshops I had originally intended to attend.
As I learned that it was a group involvement and was to begin with an introduction of oneself, I instantly became nervous, but realized that as I mentioned before, to put yourself in a position that makes you uncomfortable whilst it is related to something you love, will yield instantaneous results.

So now I was excited.
I have often had ideas of filming someone or asking someone a question on film and making mini documentaries, but fear always strikes me down. Too concerned on how it may turn out. Well this was to be the answer. The facilitators from selva rica were firm believers in just going for it. So we did.

The group split out into two, one half was to film a narrative and the other half, the one I chose to be in, was to ask questions documentary style.

We went out there and I got involved asking people questions and realized how simple and easy it was. People want to talk to you!

This lesson has taught me to just go and do it. Don’t be too concerned about the results, just do it. It builds confidence and skills.

One half of the video can be found below. The documentary part will be following sometime soon.

Thirst – the narrative video – filmed in 30 minutes, with no preparation – Enjoy!


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