Day 139 (positive project) Connect To Your True Depth

After a good nights sleep in our rented tent, we awoke to find breakfast. All the food stalls were supplying organically grown produce, mainly vegetarian and some raw.
The food was delicious and highlighted the importance of good food. Reducing the consumption of meat is not just a craze or a fashion, it is a healthy and more sustainable way to live.
Following breakfast I attended a chakra opening workshop, which used forms of yoga to activate the seven main chakras. Again, with an open heart and mind I fully submerged myself in the workshop. One part of the workshop involved finding a partner with which to work the heart chakra. The facilitator explained that this particular activity is one to open the heart and improve relationships.
I found a male partner, we placed our hands on each others’ hearts and looked directly into each others eyes whilst taking deep relaxing, trusting breaths.
It was unbelievable the connection that this created. Taking a complete stranger and sharing this intimate experience really does open the heart and emphasizes compassion. You are able to see yourself and truly feel the depth of a human connection, embracing my fears of judgement and allowing this moment to absorb into my field of consciousness.

Without having said a word to one another, this previous stranger and I; now had a profound connection . The simple art of allowing this to occur without judgement seemed to enable each of us to open to the experience and feel each others space and develop confidence.
The workshop progressed to a group activity involving five separate smaller groups chanting a different tone or beat. Each group chanted their particular routine and then slowly intermingled, continuing to chant as we all walked among each other. This developed into a highly energized coming together of power and connectedness. The energy I felt during this exercise was intense and very difficult to explain.
The entire experience was very special and highlighted the importance of human connection, the presence of a higher energy and the depth of human experience.

We are much more than a physical body and a set of circumstances, you simply need to learn to connect to that depth.


2 thoughts on “Day 139 (positive project) Connect To Your True Depth

  1. Al,
    Thank you for sharing this incredible experience. Like you, when I find myself in situations where I honesty connect with another, or when I feel the presence of divine, universal energy in my being, I’m left speechless. Usually, I resolve into tears because the awesomeness is so great.
    Your workshop sounds like a life-changing experience.

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