Day 138 (positive project) Trip to Envision

The idea of going to Envision fell at our feet, in the form of an email from a friends’ friend. We decided to book a shuttle from Mal País to Uvita, in order to complete the journey in one day, rather than taking two days on the public transport. This was definitely the right idea, a relaxed journey on an air conditioned bus to Montezuma, followed by a speed boat ride with about fifteen other people across to Jaco, then another bus direct to the festival in Uvita.

On face value, the festival to me, didn’t look too much like ‘my thing’. It was what I would call a ‘hippie festival’. It combined workshops throughout the day with music throughout the night. I had researched the music before going and didn’t really find anything I liked that much. There was maybe one or two workshops that looked cool, but I really wasn’t too fussed about them.

On the surface, I was not bothered about going, but something deeper down was intriguing me about it, there was a part of me that felt it necessary to attend. In recent weeks I have noticed that when I do something I am uncomfortable with, positive changes occur. So, I remained open and secretly excited.
On arrival, I was thrown in at the deep end, intense heat, many ‘hippies’ and a dusty cart ride into the festival (see picture). This was the unknown, my ‘hippie’ initiation. I set off into the festival with the intention of releasing judgment and opening my heart. After all, I was already part hippie, I haven’t washed my hair in a month, I haven’t eaten meat in a few months and the clothes I was wearing had been on my back for the last few days. I was ready. (humorous disclaimer: my use of the word hippie here, is simply in order to conjure up a stereo type and is not loaded with any malice or negative intention)

After meeting a bunch of nice people, pitching my tent in the field and finding a $20 bill on the grass, I felt that I had been welcomed into my surroundings. We walked around to find all structures were sustainably built from bamboo, including numerous organic food stores. It was obvious from the beginning that this was not simply a music festival, but a gathering of conscious intentions. What seemed at the beginning to be a long day ahead, was infant an excellent journey to a place I now knew I had to be.

Staying open to the unknown has allowed me to embrace this first day and as you will find out; much more.



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